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  1. bottingbackup

    Cannot purchase Repository credits.

    When I try to purchase credits through PayPal I receive an error saying that the transaction cannot be completed because it may be fraudulent. I have purchased credits through PayPal before and have verified my email. I am not on a VPN or a Proxy.
  2. I am having exact same problem, I have tried both lite mode and regular neither one work
  3. bottingbackup

    [NEW] [Ranged] ftwChinner [flawless] [intelligent] [GUI]

    Im currently baby sitting this bot 22 minutes in 130k xp p/h right now and my character is never moving to spawn more skeletons there are piles of up to 8 bones stacked on top of each other therefore im only fighting 2 maybe 3 at a time
  4. I recieved one back a few weeks ago using this bot
  5. bottingbackup

    Tri Puro Puro - 1m+ / hour - N VIP required

    Im getting my hunter up right now so I can use this script! Say I get to 65 hunter and begin to use this script..would I be gaining sufficient xp to get me eventually to 83?
  6. Just wanted to say this is a amazing script ive been using for a month or so now, pure genuis!
  7. Is any one else having a head come out of the side of the client and stare at them?
  8. Thankyou! This is a great script I appreciate your dedication!
  9. Okay I figured out why I cant join the clan chat, I didn't notice this until just now but I get temporarily banned from the channel quite often when this happens the bot will just join...for well forever until i stop the script its quite annoying..This seems to be happening to me after running bot for just a few hours. I feel like if you could make some way for the script to join the cc JUST to see what world the clan was in then to leave the clan chat. Granted I don't know how your script works this may be totally impossible but just a suggestion. Thankyou!
  10. I just got off work I am going to replicate my prob for ya and try to get some screenies.
  11. Hey ive been using this script a few days now and its amazing except mine cant join the clan or hop with them am i just doing something wrong in the settings?
  12. WOW this bot is not good at all...cant bank right or even take the boat to waterbirth island.. I cannot get bot to pull the right items out of the bank. Bot when talking to Jarvald just starts clicking everywhere.
  13. Im thinking of buying this script, I just wanted to know if you knew what the ban rate was on this? Seems like to me bans would be very high cause of such a good training area?
  14. What version were you running: 2.8.2 What is your issue: When ever the bot enters the killerwatts area bot just stands there will not attack anything How do you think it happened exactly: Not sure Severity rating (1-10): 10 Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: 100%
  15. This script has the option to make compost but has never worked for me...what do i need to make the compost for the script?