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  1. Not sure what I am doing wrong. The bot gets stuck at the bank after withdrawing all supplies.
  2. thanks yall for the info! What about me using the same method of payment for the membership both being my credit card? Will that make a say more higher chance of me being banned on both?
  3. make a new account for osrs
  4. Okay so i KNOW botting at any level is dangerous and could get me banned. I have a EOC account that hasnt been botted on and never will I play on it. I really wanna get into OSRS pking and want to make a pker however im not going to train those skills my self. If i play these accounts on different computers BUT on the same internet will jagzz know that my accounts are connected? Thanks,
  5. Im currently baby sitting this bot 22 minutes in 130k xp p/h right now and my character is never moving to spawn more skeletons there are piles of up to 8 bones stacked on top of each other therefore im only fighting 2 maybe 3 at a time
  6. I recieved one back a few weeks ago using this bot
  7. abc2 antiban

    Im getting my hunter up right now so I can use this script! Say I get to 65 hunter and begin to use this script..would I be gaining sufficient xp to get me eventually to 83?
  8. None of my videos are recorded with it though...so i cant use any of my videos..
  9. Hello everyone, Okay so I have been pking a lot lately and I would really like to make a video out of all of my fights for you tube..I made one with windows movie maker..yeah it didnt turn out "high quality". I know a "good" movie maker probally costs money but I know a few of yall out there know a good one for free. OR or even better maybe just give me some tips on how to utilize the windows movie maker much better ! ANY advice will be tons of help! Thanks!
  10. He just keeps popping up. The script im using that he keeps popping up on is exFarm.
  11. A little head keeps popping out from the side of my client and staring at me..He goes away when i mouse over him? It only seems to happen to me on one script but i saw another post where it was happening on different scripts. Is the just the maker of that script being funny or what?
  12. who made the script your using?
  13. The head is only showing up while using my farming script
  14. ummmm the same thing is happening to me...which script you using?
  15. im botting just fine