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  1. Worked thanks.
  2. Trying to run a script but it says i can only run one at a time, i checked instance manager and there is nothing there but im still getting the message. any help?
  3. thank you
  4. iv looked around forums but i cant see anywhere that tells me how to set up looking glass, is there a tutorial for it?
  5. i know bots arnt 100% safe just wanted to know if free bots had a higher risk ^^ thanks fro your reply
  6. Hi, im new to tribot just wondering if the free scripts are safe to use?
  7. i have a request, would it be possible to make it so after you set it to get 800 tokens before it goes to get defenders it will use the 800 tokens before it goes back tot he armour room? because i only have 40 def so i bank for food often and if i still have 720 tokens left instead of going back to cyclopses to use the rest of them it will go back to the armour room to get 800 again. Apart from that i love the script its working great thanks!