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  1. Full verac + sara sword, beserker ring (i) + fury + combat bracelet, dragon boots, obby cape
  2. jmlclamps

    "Take a break" Button

    Yeah a break button would be amazing!!... Often I look at my bot and think shit its been on for 4 hours straight and have to stop the script, bank mid invent etc and then remember to re-run it! Just pressing a button to break for 10-15mins would be ideal!
  3. Just a quick progress report from today... Nearly 97str with this script, should be 97 by the end of today! (Plus about 3mill up with drops! and decent pray gains)
  4. jmlclamps

    Netami's Account Starter Teaser

    Brill! Will defiantly be buying this.. As this is what stops me from making a farm getting shitty stats on starter accounts! Not sure if included but you should add and extra to do some quests etc.
  5. jmlclamps

    Netami's Account Starter Teaser

    @Netami When when when?!?!?!?!?!
  6. jmlclamps

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Just tested script... Very good does the job!!! How ever because I haven't done the quest for access to canifis it still tried to goto that location (auto progress).. Although it only clicked the gate once and didn't keep trying to open it regardless so A++ on that! Will be buying script soon.
  7. jmlclamps

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Using trial, will post 3hour log!
  8. What settings are you using? As I can't even get this script to work..
  9. I added the custom loot i'ds to pick up most valuable crap, addy 2h's etc, so no issues with missing loot!! Again I'm now 94str nearly 95 all botted with this script lol (started from 80), and I think I have about 90 dragon defenders lol.
  10. Appreciate the reply!.. If you need any testing / info etc let me know and I will be happy to provide.
  11. I have just used the trial on the intent to purchase, so i brought 10k orbs and cosimics etc and the script fails... Runs threw the process as smooth as can be requested, but when it teleports back to edgville for some reason it just sits there and doesn't bank...
  12. jmlclamps

    Is there a script that....

    I know, I will give it ago some point and tell you exactly... I think it was either treating it as loot and constantly high alching rather than loading cannon.. OR.. was clicking high alch > item to alch > but then it would double click or some shit and have to manually go upto the magic tab and then click high alch and start over. (very bot like) I'll try it again no doubt and let you know
  13. Just using the Trial... And its having a hard time hunting Copper Longtails (near the falcony).. I have set the script up fine etc etc done as asked on the GUI, and it just decides to run south saying no traps... Very disappointing. @daxmagex
  14. jmlclamps

    Is there a script that....

    Your script does, but not very well tbh.... I had to turn it off as was messing up big time.