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  1. 160 mouse speed, I am confident it wasn't the script, I am pretty sure it was the bug due to the rs update (as explained above). schedule was simply no breaks unless I felt like I wanted the bot to, 8-9am until 12, then 1 till 3ish, and depending on the amount botted in the day I would bot overnight some times or until late.
  2. How can you AFK firemaking?
  3. That would be brilliant!!.. I shall hold fire on purchasing a new account until then. Cheers for the update!
  4. Tbh I think when I checked the log there was something about a rs update but either way :).. Good script btw! I'm going to ring my ISP and change IP and then buy an account and bot again :)... Do you have any tips how to prevent this from happening? Is there a setting to make the client stop after a update or something?
  5. Full verac + sara sword, beserker ring (i) + fury + combat bracelet, dragon boots, obby cape
  6. BANNED!... RIP 07/07/2016.... Wankers
  7. No pressure... 99str botted, 95/99attack botted... 10hour no break sessions. GL
  8. Got 95attack! 120k until 96 lol, left my bot on overnight for like 10hours, going strong!
  9. Yeah a break button would be amazing!!... Often I look at my bot and think shit its been on for 4 hours straight and have to stop the script, bank mid invent etc and then remember to re-run it! Just pressing a button to break for 10-15mins would be ideal!
  10. Just using pray pots & overloads... Will switch to the 1hp method as its costing too much in Pray pots!
  11. I have no idea how you can play legit!
  12. update: got 94attack but was botting on works server and forgot to send across the "congrats lvl 94" message!
  13. Thanks, currently sitting on 120k xp until 94attack!.. Once I get 94attack I will be using some free scripts to bot skills for a while! Or I might do some slayer manually!
  14. If your only creating 1 account why does it matter one connection per device?
  15. I think Chrome & firefox can support proxies or there is a plug in for them... do you plan to bot both accounts at once?