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  1. Security guard, jekyll randoms always fails for me
  2. A staking bot, kind of talk for itselfs, doesnt it?
  3. It keeps getting stuck at either: * The very south part of western room * The very northwest part of the southern most room When stuck, it is trying to attack a warrior in another room, regardless of closed doors, making it just stand there forever/until some1 open the doors
  4. I can vouch this script works, I was beta-tester earlier, and did a couple of 5+ hour proggys. That was more than a week ago, and I know they've had plenty of updates ever since, so should be even better now. Problems I occured then was: * Got stuck at alter because bot forgot to take out teletab * Got stock at northern most inside house, because bot failed glory mount
  5. i have the same problem as you on all of my 5 bots currently botting al kharid warriors... Please have a look into this problem, ty
  6. Been using this script for over 11 hours now! Amazing!! i thought it would quit after an hour or so but no! I'll let it continue untill my pc gets overheated! amazing script!!
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