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Everything posted by sadgonzer

  1. unable to load script unable to load script unable to load script its been very annoying and disapointing and frustrating bot athuors gotta fix this some how or tell me how to fix this f.....ing error..i realy regret buying this bot
  2. my java is updated and i re installed every thing i keep getting this annoying message aand btw 98 % of timess i get that error onlly 2 % of times it work wich is aannoying AF...plus i get the maximum insstances message even tho iam a vip-E..and iaam using free script ofc..
  3. 90 % of the scripts have the same issue but for ur request ExTutorial island..for example..but iam facing this problem with almost all scripts
  4. TriBot !
  5. but after any relog the scipt stop working..did you even read that ^^ ?..and maay i haave ur skype ?
  6. by the way..every time the account do a relog into the gaame the script sstuck aand stop working...and can you please add the web walk ? or at least saving certain cordinats..i mean user will be able to chose location and doesnt reuier to go to spot every time ? thank you
  7. screen shot of what excatly more details please..and yea sure why not :)..waitin for ur reply
  8. one of the best scripts iav ever seen even tho am a noob its flawless..running almost 24 hr now with no proplems at all i dont even know wich city am in lol...keeep up bro dont give up this script make it perfect and ill be rdy to pay for it ..regards
  9. COULD NOT LOAD HUMAN MOUSE iam VIP-E ! i only bought this VIP -E to try this feature..very upset..very disapointed..need help -.-