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  1. tried those exact arguments, still stands in front of the portal for minutes, just doesnt go in. yesterday one of my accounts got banned because the bots kept trying to enter the hosts house for about 2-3 hours, host just stood outside for all that time with status ''antiban'' so in my case antiban got me banned. anyone else maybe have a solution for hosts not going into their house ?
  2. my host does not go into its house after logging in, just says antiban, then most of the time i help it get inside so it starts to afk but sometimes it just leaves the house again. this slows down starting my bots, any way to fix this? Using these arguments: arg:yes;usingFriend:no;host:yes;
  3. one small problem, this might just be my settings but the host wont go into house unless i help it, even went out again once after i helped it get into the house. any solution? and is this just me or ?
  4. fuck this shit, i basically payed 15 dollars to get my account banned within a few hours of botting? its only a 2 day ban but this piece of shit script ruined botting for me for a year. . this script is a big waste!
  5. in motherload mine, when keeping the hammer is selected it takes 6 clicks to bank coal gold and mithril, wouldnt it be better to deposit inv to bank in 1 click and then withdraw a new hammer. would make it a bit faster. also tried the deposit hammer option, wich is even more time consuming. it puts the ores in the hopper, banks the hammer, gets back to the sack , banks again for the ores.
  6. while stringing yew longs it sometimes reclicks a bow and string while it is still stringing and nothing is wrong, this is not something a player would do at all so very botlike action.
  7. started at GE, ended up crafting at edgeville ? any explanation for it moving ?
  8. im still getting the same error's, but atleast its working atm so i dont think the errors matter.
  9. just bought it, doesnt fish, only attempts to. ran the trial for the full 3 hours yesterday without problems. it does drop the fish when i click the fishspots myself and get full inv. but then it just stands there again. [17:43:38] JavaFX Application: [ERROR] Failed to retrieve PIN from web server. [17:43:57] Auto Fisher Pro Script: [ERROR] Failed to retrieve session id from web server. does this have anything to do with it ?
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