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  1. TOC IntroductionHow to add a proxy serverFAQ and Troubleshooting. Introduction. This tutorial will help you set-up your Tribot with proxy servers. It's important to realize that proxies are only available for VIP extended members! How to add a proxy server. Step 1: Open up the Tribot Client Step 2: Next click the Proxy button. Step 3: A window will pop-up, click insert. Nickname: This is the nickname for your proxy. This can literally be anything. IP: This is the address at which your proxy is located, most of the time they look similar to this 186.323.144.122 Port: This is the port which the proxy uses to connect. The default port is 1080 Username/Password: This field is pretty self explanatory. If your proxy does not have these just leave them blank! Click "OK" and you're done! You've successfully added a proxy Step 4. Make sure to select your proxy before starting TRiBot. FAQ and Troubleshooting. Coming soon!
  2. Lazy Cooker Overview: Cooks and drops raw fish that people drop at the river fishing spot in barbarian village for pretty decent cooking xp rates. Requirements: Be near the fishing area.Be Level 25 cooking.Have a tinderbox in your inventory.Have an hatchet equipped.Be on world 1 or world 8. Note: I've been running this script with nonstop results on world 8. However if this script gets popular or people are not on the world you're on, obviously this script will not work. Source Repo Link
  3. Are you submitting the raw java files?
  4. Feel free to import images as emojis.
  5. Hi just wanted to let you know that I'm gonna talk to our financial people about this problem.
  6. Trilez is working very hard to get it out the fix. We will have an update on the extension and the downtime once we get the fix released.
  7. Hi, once again please give a warm welcome to another new member of the Tribot staff team. This member has proven himself useful as both a customer support and as a scripting support. Please give @erickho123 a warm welcome as he helps out around the forums. We hope to have a few more Tribot updates before summer officially ends so please stay tuned and thanks for sticking with us. P.S. Also we would like to say a formal goodbye to @Mute. You have been a unbelievable help around the forum and we are very sad to see you go.
  8. yup don't worry we will talk about it, Let us first worry about fixing things.
  9. We will discuss it.
  10. Hi we are aware of some issues involving tribot and combat and are working on fixing them.
  11. dude school starts for people around me in like 2 weeks
  12. Hi Everybody, @Crimson has offered to take up his old responsibilities and come back as a moderator. He will be helping out around the forums. Please give him a warm welcome back.
  13. Introduction There are so many people out there getting their accounts wiped / hacked per day due to many of these methods and I hope that making this thread will help at least a few of those people. A lot of this guide is copied and pasted straight from the runescape website. The 'hacked/free tribot client' If you've ever downloaded a version of a 'hacked' or free VIP version of Tribot, then you've been deceived. There is no working crack of Tribot, every single youtube video is a lie. All the latest and greatest Tribot hacks are just Viruses or Phishers. The only place you should ever download Tribot is from Tribot.org. furthermore if you have clicked any of the following links in the past 6 weeks, you have been a victim of a Scammer. RS Gold GeneratorRS Gold HackRS Level HackRS HackRS Pin GeneratorRS Money DuperRS Membership HackRS Mod HackRS4 Beta TestingSigned up for any RSBot except for Tribot.RS ExploitRS Cheat EngineRS Damage HackIDungeon BotAny bot advertised in game The email phishing scam Scammers will send you emails that appear to be from runescape itself. If you click the links on these emails then you will be forwarded to a site that will attempt to steal your information. I probably get about 15 or so of these a day. Normally they are sent to my spam filter but occasionally they manage to sneak in to my main inbox. The easiest way to tell if it's a real email is that the real ones will contain your IN-GAME NAME. Phishers Most phishing is done by posting threads to something that people would generally like to see on forums like these. It's pretty easy to know what is real or fake because all you have to do it scroll over it or copy the link into notepad and make sure it's runescape.com. If you spot a phisher, it's good to report it to it's host so it is taken down. Preventing Phishing Use Chrome, Use Chrome, Use Chrome. Seriously go install it right now. Chrome has removed Java Applet support and has excellent phishing protection. Chrome Click the spanner (or wrench) icon in the top right of your browser Choose Options from the options menu at the left of the window choose Under the Hood and check "Enable phishing and malware protection" Be smart. Only enter your runescape password on runescape.com. General Account Safety Never give your password to anybodyMake your runescape password different than every site you use.
  14. Hi, you can google this. Also it doesn't help to ask your ISP
  15. You may sell the method, I'm curious as to what it is. But selling a script is another story... Please refrain.
  16. Can you try changing your IP, you've triggered out cloudflare protection
  17. Open command prompt do java -version Post results Also try doing cd <directory of tribot.jar> # for example cd c:/users/billy/downloads/ java -jar tribot.jar post results
  18. Hi, I bought a GTX 1070 to play with virtual reality, but I had to send the headset back so I don't really need anything that powerful anymore. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127951 Comes with full box accessories, just like new. Ebay they are going for 600+ I am asking 390 + shipping. Accepting Western Union, RSGP, or Bitcoin. It's in great working condition, will be shipped in the static bag and handled with love. You can give me the money for any shipping option/insurance you'd like. The sale will be AS-IS.
  19. bump
  20. You didn't give it to him?
  21. Well we process thousands of legitimate payments a week. We have to draw a line somewhere to distinguish legit payments from fraudulent users who will attempt to claim a refund. Normally there are ways around this, but it seems to me like you don't want to submit to any identity verification. In that case I can only suggest bitcoin. Yes it's a bit pricier but it's completely anonymous and it takes about 15 minutes to complete transactions... And the failure rate of bitcoin transactions is less than 1% you just don't see people posting threads about "Hey guys my bitcoin process went through" All the best Todd
  22. Okay done.
  23. Lol okay I'll give you more likes
  24. what toothpaste do you use