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  1. join the discord and open a ticket.
  2. You need to log out and login to the forums using auth0. Then you should be able to login to the client using your email address instead of your username. 30secauth0 guide.mp4
  3. Login with auth0 Email. check ur email for errors.
  4. https://tribot.org/download.php?jar=1
  5. The jar supports 32 and 64bit.
  6. We are aware of continuing issues. in the meantime, please try following the video above. If you're still having issues, let us know. We're still looking at a few cases of users who cannot log in.
  7. 30secauth0 guide.mp4
  8. Hey everyone, we're very aware of a select group of people having issues and we're working to solve it!
  9. whats wrong with that version?
  10. Hi, there is no known rate at which Jagex bans accounts. You may have good luck or bad luck depending on what your doing, when your doing it, and how you're doing it. The client isn't detected but your actions, and your playstyle certainly is. Keep that in mind.
  11. TRiBot 11.1.8 - Add CLI support to the dependencies jar - Switch to synchronous invokeAndWait when adding messages to logger - Add Boomer mode
  12. boss alone would be cool.
  13. TRiBot 11.1.6 - Check if tile is loaded when calculating if it's on screen - Remove convoluted optional code to ensure no NPEs in RSItem getArea - Harden the setting of the script run time - Add CLI to launch w/ LG - Prevent IllegalMonitorStateException exceptions from spamming logger - Remove real integer calculations from RSGEOffer - Fix favorite scripts popup menu - Add setting for frame expansion resize type Note: LG CLI handles alot of factors that our beyond our control. We will unlikely be adding support for this to handle anymore than just a few clients. Your success may vary. We recommend using the normal client if you are using CLI. Note: The new LG arguments are --lgpath "path\\to\\your\\jar\\" and --lgdelay 15 lgdelay is the amount of seconds to give your LG client to load before hooking. I recommend 15+
  14. Come join the discord. somebody may be able to teamviewer help you.
  15. Ah sorry, you're free to use proxifier but please don't ask for help on how to use it here.
  16. Sorry I don't understand your question.
  17. Hi all, I wanted to give you a fair bit of warning. With our changes to using Auth0 you will no longer be able to use the --username & --password argument in our CLI. Instead you will need to use a --token argument. This token will be generated once you login to TRiBot on any computer and will be valid for 30 days. You will be able to access it via the File menu (TRiBot 10) or in one of the sidebars (TRiBot 11) I don't currently have an ETA for this, but likely sometime within the next couple weeks.
  18. TRiBot 11.1.5 - Fix logged-out world hopper - Fix RSNPC bug - Fix issues with logger flicker and freeze - Added new right-click features to the left-bar
  19. HI TRiBot, Pretty soon we will be pruning old accounts in our database in order to move to our new servers for TRiBot X. This means all accounts with 1+ years of inactivity no credits low forum activity will be deleted. Thanks for understanding, you're always welcome to re-register if your account was deleted. TRiBot X is gonna be awesome, like really awesome!
  20. TRiBot 11.1.4 - Fix issue with automation client - Fix issue with RSItem & RSGroundItem
  21. Todd

    Old client

    Yes you can still use the old one for the time being. Do you have any more specific complaints about the new one? https://tribot.org/forums/topic/82579-tribot-10-legacy-launcher/
  22. As of TRiBot 11.1.3 all (jar) libraries inside C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\thirdparty should be automatically included. This is local only and will not work and will never be supported for repository scripts. This means you can include popular libraries like Jackson.
  23. TRiBot 11.1.3 - Fix broken logic for getting world page index - Fix NPCChat - Fix issue with insane mouse splines - Add correct level import in Logger - Re-add auto-relog feature - Add code to import third party jars - Removed spring - Re-add tab name feature - Add setting to toggle confirm on exit - Remove unnecessary errors on CLI launch - Instantiate temp accounts when not running from CLI - Fix automation client PSA if you're getting an error on launch it may be due to existing break/account profiles that have been corrupted. Deleting your .tribot folder should fix the issue!
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