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  1. also the requirements are a bit high.
  2. Hi guys I will post back when I have an update on this
  3. I already fixed this and replied on your other thread
  4. I renamed you to DandMandT
  5. I'm not sure they can be removed
  6. Closed.
  7. We don't normally do refunds, but since you are a long time customer I will refund your 1 credit.
  8. @erickho123 Also please post your budget before asking scripters.
  9. does `alternatives --config java` help?
  10. what does 'which java' return
  11. what did you use to purchase VIP? I can refund one of them
  12. Why are you lying to me?
  13. Also I don't really understand what you mean by 4 days later, seems like you bought it today.
  14. @mallwood I'm gonna go ahead and refund the purchase, probably just a glitch in the system. if you chose to rebuy it should work. Otherwise make sure you are using the same tribot account that you are using on the forums (yes this does happen)
  15. Seems like it's working now