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  1. Todd

    slayer v2

    You will need to fill out the script dispute template here
  2. The scripts you applied with do not qualify for this application due to low effort. Therefore I'm denying this application, I don't think you actually want to provide a service for people at TRiBot. I mean you didn't even write a single sentence about your scripts in your forum post. You literally created them for this application. I think you are approaching this all wrong, you're not proving to anybody that you're an asset to the community. Only an asset to yourself.
  3. I'm approving this application. I think you have a ton to work on, but you seem to show signs of improvement. However, I think you're very far off from a premium script. Also I talked to wasted & fluffee and we all agree ABC2 is not required to get a scripter rank. However you should learn it. here are a few recommendations: Keep all your code open source, and don't work on anything for awhile that's closed source. You keep making quest scripts that literally don't work for anybody but yourself. This is a huge problem. Make sure to test scripts on multiple accounts before you release them Plan your scripts more. Don't code as you play. Don't fall back into your old habits.
  4. So I'm looking at your farming script. Why is your node class an abstract class and not an interface? do you understand the difference? I think you abuse the Node framework a bit, break down your tasks a bit smaller. Why do you have so many options/methods packed into one execute()? I'm not positive, but it seems like you don't have much logic for when things fail. Generally, you want to give tribot room to fail & check to see if it failed WITHOUT looping through all your checks again. This can be a tedious process but can really sharpen the humanness of your scripts. Use a setter method here instead of setting the variable. Other things just seem like poor logic choices. A whole node to failing ring of dueling? I'm not sure what to think about this. I'm all about doing what you need to do to make a script work, but it seems like in this stage of the script it could simply be planned better. For a farming script I would consider implementing a dynamic node system. (A node system where you can add and remove nodes)
  5. This is a really easy script, I recommend coding it yourself! Also keep in mind, most scripters wont reply to a request unless you put a budget in your original post.
  6. Approved, but you have a lot of work before you should consider making a premium script. If you join our discord you can tag me and I'll add you to the Scripter section.
  7. @adamhackz It seems like you have some stuff to work on.
  8. The tribot client appears identical to the downloaded runescape client. We program it to do so. There is some debate whether or not it leaves any footprint, but nobody knows for sure. I log into it with my main all the time so unless you are farming you will likely not receive any instant bans. LG was made to be 'Future Proofed' It leaves little foot print and obviously it doesn't use a custom client. Follow smart botting tips & tricks and realize there is always a risk while botting.
  9. Why no source for NMZ?
  10. Approved, if you join the discord i'll add you to the scripter chat.
  11. source code link doesnt work
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