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  1. Hi all. Posted a little _3 update with the nature run fix. We're focusing on the back-end of TRiBot right now to help with server stability, release cycles, development and more. As always let me know if you have any questions.
  2. I've updated this with the login fixes.
  3. This release will: 18_1 Fix a issue with camera movement in Looking Glass Add banking default withdraw quantity Fix big object model positions 18_2 Improve mouse movement for looking glass Add additional login bot messages 18_3 Implement nature rune name fix Updates to LG and Runelite compatibility coming in a future update.
  4. Sin91

    Hi does TriBot have a quickstart command line like OSBOT?

  5. Vanilla client is no longer supported. Only RSBuddy and the Waterfox browser is supported at the moment.
  6. In order to run the developmental release, simply select the Developmental Release checkbox in the TRiBot loader. There is currently no way of launching the developmental release with the command line tools or the client starter.
  7. This release will: Fix a issue with camera movement in Looking Glass Add banking default withdraw quantity Fix big object model positions (experimental rune-altar fix) Updates to LG and Runelite compatibility coming in a future update. Note: this is a developmental release, so for no reason run this release unsupervised for an extended amount of time. Want to know how to run the developmental client? See this thread here.
  8. This update includes: Fix to the in-game world hopper incorrectly identifying interfaces (Thanks @[email protected]) Added support to the login-screen world hopper for high number world 400+ Fix a bug where the world-hopper would consistently return false (Thanks @wastedbro) Added additional response lines to the login-bot Additional Kotlin support (Thanks @wastedbro ) Phase one of TRiBot CLI Rollout. See Thread Since this update contains changes to the TRiBot Launcher we highly recommend you re-download the launcher from the homepage. It might be important to download the launcher in a private or incognito mode of your browser if you are having issues. Updates to LG and Runelite compatibility coming in a future update. A fix for the nature rune bug coming soon in a dev release.
  9. No we wont be adding any additional tools for this
  10. This thread will outline the upcoming TRiBot CLI Rollout: Soon the TRiBot jar will support command-line arguments, this is a long requested feature that we have previously failed to provide for our users. The reason this feature has never been provided is because it changes much of the core systems and has previously been a daunting task to get through all the phases of software development. In order to alleviate this, these features will be released in the phases outlined below. We understand that Phase 1 is unlikely to mirror many of the 3rd party command line tools for TRiBot. For this reason, I highly encourage users who develop these custom 3rd party launchers to contact me (preferably on discord) so that you can continue to develop your loader with these changes. Our final goal however is that 3rd party tools will be obsolete once all four phases are completed. If we are missing any features you were expecting please let us know! Phase 1: (Released soon) This phase will: Remove old broken XML loading code Replace all existing TRiBot arguments with command line arguments (EX: replace MEM256 with --mem 256) Ensure that the TRiBot loader and client starter work the same as they currently do A complete list of implemented API are as follows: --disablefwall --enablefwall --sid --mem --bootinfo --proxyhost --proxyusername --proxyport --proxypassword Phase 2: This phase in summary will add additional API features that allow the user to actually use command line arguments for bot-farm purposes. Included in this will be Allowing the user to login via command line arguments Script selection Script arguments Character Username/Password/Pin/World Phase 3: This phase in summary will add back configurable JSON or XML files to launch the client with all the above options. Phase 4: This phase in summary will support TRiBot botting tabs and adding individual proxies to tabs
  11. Hi everyone. There are some fixes in the dev version that are not in this version. I will get a Dev version built on-top of these changes sometime tomorrow (KST) thanks!
  12. This release will: Add additional login-bot messages: Un-handled login message: Error loading your profile. Please contact customer support. Un-handled login message: No reply from loginserver. Please wait 1 minute and try again. Un-handled login message: Please enter your password. Bug where login-bot would break if the "remember-username" box was checked. NOTE: this is a DEV release, so for no reason run this release for an extended unsupervised amount of time. This DEV release contains all the updates of previous DEV releases. Also If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot.
  13. Gotta use 32bit java, 64bit wont work. unsure about macos though.
  14. I'm aware of the issue. Just haven't gotten to it yet because you can just uncheck that box and the problem will be fixed.
  15. I'm adding these messages in the next release. I'll try to get it out tomorrow.
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