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  1. TRiBot 11.1.2 - Break handler rework - Fix script queue GUI - Fix misc errors on launch - Fix proxy selection from loader
  2. Try deleting your .tribot folder and reopening.
  3. FAQ What is TRiBot 11? TRiBot 11 is the first version of TRiBot to get rid of our horrendous default UI and bring a modern and familiar feel to botting. What’s it about? New UI Smarter API Same old awesomeness Does TRiBot 11 use any more resources than TRiBot 10 Hardly any, and in-fact should be more efficient with upcoming updates. We’ve noticed about a 1% increase in usage. What’s next? Now that we don’t have to worry about breaking older scripts we can start implementing smarter botting technologies and revolutionize the botting game. Can I continue to use the old TRiBot? Yes for a brief period of time, see our thread here https://tribot.org/forums/topic/82579-tribot-10-legacy-launcher How long can I use the old TRiBot? It’s hard to say, we just simply aren’t providing updates for it any longer. It may continue to work fine for months, but many scripts will immediately upgrade to require 11. Will my current external tools (Client Starter, Account adder, etc) continue to work? Probably not immediately, talk to the developer and ask when TRiBot 11 support is coming Will scripts on the repository continue to work? Absolutely, every script written from 2012-2020 should work without any problems! I added a script from the repository, and it’s not showing up? In order to reduce CPU and Server-Load scripts are now only refreshed when you add a new client. Developers can bypass this by enabling developer mode. How do I develop scripts with TRiBot 11? Pretty much the same way you develop TRiBot 10 with some minor changes. First make sure you’ve loaded TRiBot 11 at least one. Next include all the files in dependencies inside of your project. Now, make sure to include the file inside the /dependancies/developer/lib folder! What happened to all the features listed in the beta post? A number of features such as ABCl3 and Java 11 have been relegated so that we can include them in TRiBot X. Which is coming out soon! Does TRiBot 11 improve or include any new antiban? Yes! All of our updates have had Anti-Ban in mind. We have added multiple game hooks to 11 to make sure that scripts continue working and continue working right. Additionally system information spoof and Touch-Screen mode are added to TRiBot 11!
  4. TRiBot 11.1.1 - Adds Title Bar Script Controls - Adds button to clear TRiBot Cache - Reduces max paint delay to 100 - Adds TempAccount method to General - Deletes outdated LG jars on load - Fixes bug with script compilation while open - Fixes hint arrow transform - Fixes issue with Veos NPC - Fixes issue with Automation Server - Removed beta from logo - Fixes issue with older tribot script UIs - Redesigned icons - Removed beta feedback button
  5. Hi Everyone, with TRiBot 11 coming out soon I wanted to make sure that our users still had access to TRiBot 10 for compatibility reasons. This version should continue to work for a couple of months, but it is officially deprecated and will likely not be receiving any updates. The TRiBot Legacy will live on through 11 and sooner than later TRiBot X. We're super excited to share our developments with you. TRiBot-Loader-4.0.4.jar
  6. Todd

    Nmz Quester

    Grats on the release, i'll check it out soon.
  7. Looking glass is VIP-E only, you have VIP
  8. I'm not sure what your issue is, but make sure to join our discord if you post in #support during US hours i'm sure someone can help you out!
  9. That null is unrelated. That's for bot farmers. You can just ignore it!
  10. Join the discord and someone should be able to help you out in the #support channel. LG Is working great atm!
  11. I think exhopper uses it's own world hop method
  12. The entire crew is onboard.
  13. Good points, some similar ideas to this are on our minds in our next developments at TRiBot.
  14. We released some changes today (5/9/2020) you will need to re-download the launcher.
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