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  1. Are you submitting the raw java files?
  2. Hi just wanted to let you know that I'm gonna talk to our financial people about this problem.
  3. Feel free to import images as emojis.
  4. Trilez is working very hard to get it out the fix. We will have an update on the extension and the downtime once we get the fix released.
  5. yup don't worry we will talk about it, Let us first worry about fixing things.
  6. We will discuss it.
  7. Hi we are aware of some issues involving tribot and combat and are working on fixing them.
  8. dude school starts for people around me in like 2 weeks
  9. Hi, once again please give a warm welcome to another new member of the Tribot staff team. This member has proven himself useful as both a customer support and as a scripting support. Please give @erickho123 a warm welcome as he helps out around the forums. We hope to have a few more Tribot updates before summer officially ends so please stay tuned and thanks for sticking with us. P.S. Also we would like to say a formal goodbye to @Mute. You have been a unbelievable help around the forum and we are very sad to see you go.
  10. Hi Everybody, @Crimson has offered to take up his old responsibilities and come back as a moderator. He will be helping out around the forums. Please give him a warm welcome back.
  11. Hi, you can google this. Also it doesn't help to ask your ISP
  12. You may sell the method, I'm curious as to what it is. But selling a script is another story... Please refrain.
  13. Can you try changing your IP, you've triggered out cloudflare protection
  14. Open command prompt do java -version Post results Also try doing cd <directory of tribot.jar> # for example cd c:/users/billy/downloads/ java -jar tribot.jar post results