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  1. @YoHoJo Right after this update i got this error "Since you are not VIP, you are only allowed to run ONE premium script at a time...." And tells me to close my other instances of tribot, but i don't have any other open. Any ideas what it could be?
  2. I'm having some troubles with restocking when death runes are out (haven't had this issue when restocking other items weirdly enough). An example: "Transtitioning to restocking, reason for restock: out of death runes." The script proceeds to teleport to clan wars, opens bank and then teleport to the grand exchange, buys something unrelated like sharks or a zul-andra teleport(usually only 1 item) , then teleports back to clan wars and rechecks bank. It repeats this thing multiple times before it actually buys death runes.
  3. @daxmagex Not sure if this has to do with ur script or the tribot updates today but when the bot logs out and goes to change world it idles in the world change interface, much like the banking bug but with changing worlds ?
  4. @daxmagex Could you make a change so that when standing idle and waiting for a chin to get trapped the bot doesn't stand ontop of a box trap? standing ontop of a box trap makes it impossible to catch a chinchompa with that specific trap, is this possible?
  5. After the bot ran out of box traps and went back to bank it just sits idle in bank not doing nothing, after i restarted the script it didnt find its way back from edgeville bank to the black chin spot lol.
  6. Oh okay guys, thanks for the quick replies, appreciate it. Seems like i wont bother even buying VIP untill they have gotten their shit sorted out...
  7. So i thought of purchasing VIP again to level up my main account in almost all skills. Buying premium scripts to all different skills would be very expensive and i'm thinking of instead using free scripts. So, what do you guys think? Have you tried the free scripts, are they working fine?
  8. Is there any way to select a specific monster in a group of the same monsters? Lets say i want to attack one specific dragon because thats the only one i can attack without fucking up my safespot. Several monsters have same ID......
  9. This script is not "running perfectly". I had it on during the day and when i came home from work i saw that my character was kicking the fire giants (had no crossbow or armor equipped, i assume it died and it doesn't support going back to pick up the items and re-equip?).
  10. The Osbuddy.jar file cannot be dragged into widecap. And tribot cant find runescape from webbrowser or the .exe osbuddy version? help?
  11. is it recommended to use break handler for this script? if yes, then what settings? Sorry, i'm a newbie botter
  12. You should make it only teleport/escape away from pkers that are in ur combat bracket and can actually attack you! other than that it seems flawless. I found out it tries to escape rather often and it cuts down the profit/h
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