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  1. ceiling

    Why charge?

    I've had 3 or 4 mains with 1750+ total banned over OSRS's lifetime. I've had 1 main with 2000+ total banned a couple years ago. And, yet, I still play and I still bot; my new mains/alt are getting up there in total level and completion (diaries/quests/untradeables/etc). You'll get over it and you'll be back.
  2. Yup, same for me. Seems to be an issue with the new update. I'm hoping @TRiLeZ is aware of it. They're usually pretty quick with these fixes.
  3. Bot debug says "Failed to withdraw item from tribot banking api" despite having properly identified what it needs to withdraw. In effect, it's right-clicking on the item (with withdraw-x) and fails to type in anything after that, continuing to right-click on that item.
  4. That's fair. From my POV, an unpopular or controversial decision is best carried out with an accommodating PR campaign so that more individuals feel involved with the decision-making process, even if they the true decision-making process lies with only one person. Ultimately, if the scripts do improve and the botting scene improves then the only thing hurt by all of this is (some) people's feelings.
  5. I don't understand. Are you agreeing with wastedbro and saying that you were not consulted? Or are you disagreeing with him and seeing that you were indeed consulted?
  6. That's pretty surprising. He didn't consider consulting you guys at all?
  7. Really, dude? Come on now, let's be mature... Edit: this is totally random but your prayer script is great
  8. This is a good example of a big problem that I see here on Tribot. There is a non-existent working and personal relationship between scripters/admins and users, resulting in poor (and frankly immature) communication. I agree that the unlimited auths was problematic, for both the botting environment on OSRS and the fiscal sustainability of Tribot. I do think a drastic change was needed, especially with how uneven the quality of scripts have been. It seems to me the optimal way to roll-out such a change would have involved as many people as possible, possibly through forum discussions and voting on the best way to proceed for both scripters/users. Instead, the perception has been that the decision was a unilateral one, with minimal or no input from users. If this botting community is going to continue, scripters and users need to view each other as a necessary part of Tribot, not an opponent to be shut down at any opportunity.
  9. ceiling


    Honestly, I don't doubt that. The tribot account that I use to buy script subscriptions and chat (this) is different from the tribot account that I use to talk about my botting habits...mostly due to paranoia and a main that got busted years ago.
  10. What time will the scripts' subscriptions expire? Specifically, what time and time zone?
  11. Low-key this is one of the best scripts on here. Not the most intuitive GUI, but like most amazing scripts, once you learn how to use it it becomes amazing. Really reminds me of Perf's fighter (which, similarly, had a pretty tough GUI to use but was by far the most complete and customizable) back in the day. 10/10 great job man. For those of you struggling to use it, you should be struggling. Just because a "bot" is intended to expedite your RS experience doesn't mean it does everything automatically for you. Work with the script a bit, fiddle with some things, babysit for a while, and you'll quickly figure out amazing this script works.
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