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Boku No Pico

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    They call me a wanderer
    Yeah, a wanderer
    I roam around, around, around, around

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  1. People deserve likes, and I want to give them to them!
  2. If you're able to spare the ram try using more that always helps, reinstall java(Use jdk 32 bit,) also, run in lite mode, also if you can make it a high process in windows task manager
  3. You would be banned so fast lmao. Paid script maybe not, but free gl hf.
  4. In the future, edit one comment. Don't spam like this, and there's no need for all caps in the title.
  5. Nooo dad, only you! <3
  6. Thanks man! I was curious why we couldn't see the people.
  7. Lol, what a character. I don't like him.
  8. I gotchu
  9. Scripts will not be removed from the Repo because of bans as long as they follow the ABCL requirements. You bot, you choose to run the risk of getting banned. as far as I'm concerned /thread. Also, you cannot dispute a thread due to bans, and refunds are Almost always at the discretion of the scripter.
  10. Yeah, non-mods can't see. It says "Somebody" p.s. thanks for using me as an example! <3
  11. ATH-M50x and really nice audio ports on my pc, so yeah.
  12. Amazing quality. had like 1 seeder and took me a week to download, like 20gb or something (there's more music)
  13. Correct, I consider it anti-ban though. Think, people like yourself think it's not worth adding in, as many other scripters think. Tribot deciding usually ends up in arrow keys. Osbot doesn't even support middle mouse, runemate and others don't use it. Tribot supports it though, so exclusive middle-mouse is used much less by bots than arrow keys, therefore I consider it important.