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  1. Sorry if I was not being clear. The question I am asking are preventative tips (example botting for 1 hour at a time with a 10-15 minute break in-between). Trying to get opinions on other users who have used this bot to get an idea of what they are doing seeing as some people are doing 6+ hours without any issues. (not sure if luck or..) .
  2. not literal 24/7 just enough to be able to keep an eye on it. Anyways, you didnt answer my question so why respond to it?
  3. Pretty happy with the script. I am being very careful as this is my main account I am botting on which is currently level 75. 63/60/60. How long is it safe to run this at a time? I am currently babysitting 24/7 but would like to get some tips so I don have to babysit as much.