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  1. that's what I was thinking, how many bitcoins would I need to buy 20 store credits in tribot?
  2. Hello, everytime I go to buy credits for my tribot account in order to buy a script, I type in all credit card info and then when the buy is processing it shows a little green check mark and then says something along the lines of, "We can not process you're order due to the fact we think this payment may be fraud". But the credit card belongs to me and I can assure you there is no fraud, but I would really like to buy these credits so I can start running premium scripts to not get the bots on my account banned! Anyone have any suggestions!?!? Thanks.
  3. lol chill out, it's just the tribot symbol..
  4. I need to buy some private proxies for my small new gold-farm I'm starting up, but don't know where to go to get good SOCK proxies. Anyone got any suggestions that they use that is reliable and semi-cheap? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. When I right click the tab to add a proxy it said that I don't have any proxies to add, so I just need to know how to add my proxies onto the client, thanks.
  6. While I was looking under the questing bots, I saw bots that just were listed as "Quester" or something general not giving it a good description of what actual quests the bot does. Anyways, just wondering if anyone knows any bots that could do the Tai Bwo Wannai quest for me because if there was a bot that could, that would save me a lot of time and effort. Thanks
  7. You should bot different things also, usually jagex will look for if you have been fletching for 3 days straight for 9 hours a day in the same time frame doing the same thing. Basically, just try to switch it up. Have like 3 go to botting clients (all in different skills/methods) and use those three two make random patterns with them (Try to get clients from the same scriptwriter). After that, try to bot for different hours, like one day bot 7, and another maybe even as much as 10, but don't go over 10. And it wouldn't hurt if you could throw a quest in every once in a while. Also if you aren't using proxys, I would look into them. Which I assume you're not due to the fact that you said you need to reset your IP. But if you're only running 1 bot then there is no point in using a proxy, but if you're running more than 1, me and many other botters would suggest them. Anyways hoped this helped out a bit.
  8. Hello fellow botters/goldfarmers. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to tell me the way they make money on F2P with there fresh bots off tutorial island for gold farming for an exchange in $$$. Message me if interested, really need a good secret way of making money to lower ban rates and increase gp/hour. Thanks
  9. Hello everybody reading this post :). I am fairly new at the gold farming business and am trying to figure out the best way to maximize your gp/hour. I could just settle for cutting yews, but that would only make around 100k/hour vs. Another secretive method that makes 300k/hour that would triple my GP income. I feel like finding the most important thing to do is find a good way to make money that not a lot of people know about and make a script for it. Since I will only be botting 8-10 hours a day and not 24/7 due to jagex's ban rates, I must find a way to maximize the amount of GP each account is making within those 8-10 hours a day. I understand that if you have a secret method of making money you're not just simply going to tell some random noob on the forums. But if anyone knows of any old methods they used that they don't mind sharing, or at least point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated. If you do, you can either comment on this post, message me, or add me on skype, "jaredjared456" (don' hate I made it like 6 years ago when I was 11 lol) Thank you to any future help, I am loving the tribot community so far!
  10. Ok thank you, I have it running but I am running it in 32 bit, is there any way to run looking glass in 64 bit because with 32 bit I can only allocate 1250mb of RAM to the client, which isn't a lot. So if I had 64 bit running I could do up to 5000mb of RAM. Any way on how to find a 64 bit client?
  11. Ok well I downloaded the 32 bit and was having errors even though it says 32 bit is recommended because that was runescape runs, but I am going to try the 64 bit. (Update) : I ran the 64-bit and it says I need a 32 bit but it still wont run with a 32 bit JDK. Any suggestions?
  12. Thank you, how do you check what bit you are running you TriBot in, is it the same bit that you downloaded the JDK as?
  13. I already have the web client up and running before I even launch TriBot. And I have already downloaded Java JDK 8 with the 32-bit, but I still get the same error that says, "You must run TriBot using the java JDK in order to use looking glass". I'm sure there is a easy solution but I am not sure what it is. any suggestions?
  14. Hello, I am new and am interested in gold farming. I am aware now of the high ban rates jagex has enforced on the game. I first ran 30 accounts with no proxys or VPNs and botted then as much as I could. As you could guess, most of then got banned :p. I was then doing my research on how to prevent ban and IP traces, I then fell upon proxys and VPNs. So I started my research on proxys and have setup 8 accounts and have a VPN running and every time I created a new account I would change the VPNs location. So I thought everything was good, until I saw this, "Looking Glass". I'm confused on how it works, and am wondering if it reduces ban rates by that much. I would love to get some answers on how efficient a bot would be if you had a proxy and a "Looking Glass" client going at the same time. Does that mean you could bot it for more then 8 hours a day, and maybe even 24/7? I would love to get some answers, if any experienced gold farmers could add me on Skype, "jaredjared456" (don't hate I made it when I was 11, I am 17 now) I would appreciate any advice I could get from someone who is already in the market and making money.