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  1. I only own two auths and 3 member accounts, but I just split it 280/280 with 2 different accounts and I expected profits to go down a lot but..well it didnt to say the least. I'm now making double the money. I will look into purchasing more auths soon and splitting it up even more.
  2. Hello! My name is Joel and I am from Australia, a recent back injury has put me completely out of work and in several thousand dollars of medical debt. I'm only 20 and have been forced to move back in with my parents, I have no way of making money as I am in a long waiting list for surgery. I have decided to start a bot farm to see if I can be a bit proactive and bot off my bills. I am really mostly looking for advice. How many bots to set up, best scripts to use, how to set up and work a proxy, etc. I would really appreciate any advice. I currently have about 550M capital, and have been using Taus Mercher with it for the last 5 days, bringing in a total of 60M so far.
  3. Alright with 4 days of testing I will give a more official review of this bot. In short, it is the single best money making bot in the game. I can only comment as someone that had a lot of capital to invest (500M) but I have had up to 3m/hr a few times. In the four days since I have bought this bot, with it running about 10 hours per day, I have made 38M. As my capital goes up I expect my profits to go up as well (especially when I can flip elysians). Because it is idle for so long, longer than it is in the game for. It is highly unlikely for a ban to occur. It definitely has some issues (cant flip any 3rd age items with it as it doesnt know what to price them) and a couple of times I've seen it with about 300M in the inventory and 4 open slots, but it isnt flipping. As far as money making goes, 10/10. I made 9M leaving it on all night last night.
  4. The amount of problems are endless, earlier I ran into it and all it was doing was drinking prayer potions while not even attempting to fight the skeletons. If you dont babysit this bot it does nothing. I just checked it then after leaving it for 20 minutes, and I was dead. GG 4k red chins. DO NOT waste your money with this script, the xp rates are horrible, it often will just do nothing when the skeletons stop agroing you, etc. Premium bots should be PREMIUM, as it stands there is a free chinner that is just as good, or just as bad. I really wish you could get refunds on stuff like this.
  5. My other accounts are currently botting other things, I only have 3 member accounts, and this is the only throwaway. This script seems like it would be quite difficult to get banned.
  6. Here is a quick proggie from a 500M cash stack. I will try to upload some longer ones as soon as I can, this is only 1 hr. 20 mins.
  7. Using this now with a 500M cash stack, first hour yielded 1.8m. I will post some big proggies soon. Edit: So far, I have found one massive problem. This has happened with multiple items, but I will just say the most recent. It just tried to buy 190K rune knifes (p++) at a price of 700gp each. They are 1400 each. It will never work, none of these will buy in a million years. Similarly, earlier it tried to buy 10 d full helms at a price of 19M each, when they are over 30m. I understand it is drawing its prices from a database, but that database has glaring flaws. Figured I'd run it overnight, woke up to this problem: It is currently using 4 of the G.E. slots, and has 250M in cash in its inventory. It logs in, checks on 4 the four items, logs out. Not sure why its doing that. Furthermore it seems to not understand that I want it to flip multiple of certain items. I.E. I will put in max amount to flip as 5, and it will only ever flip 1 of certain items. THe amount it flips with everything is fairly weird. For instance I put max flip 5 SGS, and it only flips one, even with a 250M cash stack sitting idle. I put in 10 Bandos Tassets, and it flips 2. EDIT2: It's like its allergic to using the last G.E. slot, no matter how much I change the items its flipping, it doesnt use that last slot. It just did 7/9 of my items, with two viable items left on the list (Ring of Suffering, Rune Knifes) and instead it just logged out and went idle.
  8. I only just got LG, but it seems like no scripts work well with it, the client freezes up often, etc.
  9. The script keeps getting stuck putting in the bank pin, it just doesnt do it.
  10. Client is getting stuck at Loading Client Params. It says something in the log about java getResponseCode (Unknown Source) then a bunch of shit, if that helps. Tried a clean install same problem. Firewall disabled.
  11. EDIT: Nvm, fixed it. Anyone with similar problems press kill on your instance (found here): https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/user_panel/instance_manager/