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  1. Proggie: Script stopped saying that it ran out materials while I still had some. EDIT: Script freaked out when dealing with random, it would go to a random's previous location and then later start walking to look for it. Had to manually dismiss it
  2. rofldogs123

    NBA Finals Bet

    If only I had the GP, I got 4m. I think the Warriors got this.
  3. Been using water, ill see if I can try it tonight
  4. Cool beans, will try it out EDIT: After testing it again, still sometimes double clicks and fails crafting. I would add a little bit better camera rotation, only moves if it needs it to and it begins to click on things that the camera can't see, ex. exit portal. I would fix GUI placement, its right on top of private messages and hard to see because of it
  5. Yes in creating the tiaras, I think having adjustable mouse speed would be a good addition + anti ban
  6. Something i noticed, it will accidentally double click a talisman and not use it on the altar. Worked fine, could be a little faster (adjustable mouse speed) and im not sure if you have any anti ban implemented.
  7. 1. Script Author: @Leespiker 2. Link to Script's Thread: 3. Date Purchased: May 6th 2016 4. What type of duration did you purchase: Lifetime Auth $3 5. Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s): PM'd him and posted in the thread 6. Issue(s): When removing positions it still shows up on the map/in-game, when starting it would either walk up to the tree and not cut or walk to it and end the script
  8. Just a request for the community, not looking for a private one
  9. I'm currently doing water tiaras, grab 14 talismans and 14 tiaras from bank > run to the altar and teleport in > use tiara on talisman > tp out and bank and repeat
  10. Request: Tiara crafterDescription: Make a script that crafts tiaras if you have a talisman and tiara in your bankPayment Amount: 2 Credits? Time: Whenever
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