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  1. amount of accounts: 3 will you create the account?: yes skype: plateddesigns will you leave feedback: yes
  2. add me on skype: plateddesigns
  3. problem has fixed itself thanks for the help
  4. id appreciate a fix considering i lost my VIP trial because of this and I bought a script
  5. tried cyberghost... still isnt working
  6. ill try this, weird part is it was working fine before.
  7. turned off windows firewall and all firewalls and still same error
  8. http://prnt.sc/asygs7
  9. losing one day of my VIP trial because of this... nothing else needs to be said was working fine now Im getting this (title) using java 1.8.0_77 on windows
  10. meant to buy 12 credits for tribot, i got charged $24 not sure if I got 24 credits or not but if I did could you please take away the extra 12 credits and refund me? thanks