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  1. Can you hook me up with a proxy? or recommend anyone trustworthy?

  2. Are you still selling proxies? comment and I will add on skype / exchange info
  3. I emailed the Tribot team about this earlier yesterday hoping for a quick response but as time passes I have decided to post on the forums to gain more attention. I have bought extended VIP status for the wrong account and I would like it to be transferred over to my main account which has several important premium licenses WHICH I NEED so I can continue botting and stop getting banned ( lost 3 yesterday ) using the questionable free scripts. The purchase was 12 hours old when I notified the tribot team using the "contact us" option at the bottom left hand corner of the page. I simply would like a Tribot representative to contact me so I can direct them to the correct account or receive a refund so I may transfer the credits and again purchase extended VIP on the correct account. The purchase was so recent (less then 24hrs) and I know this is such a small and involved community, I cant see this as being a problem. Please help, Novicebotter