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  1. But your example isn't valid, as you're using something which is covered by insurance, and the shop is reliable, you're speaking about a 'Third party' company which you use to communicate with the seller/buyer without checking via message on the 'trading' website. So so from what you're saying your problem should be with Skype for their security being so bad, and they're the ones you should be 'disputing' against in my opinion. Youre trying to bring a reality example into pixel trading game, for one you didn't communicate once with the buyer only a 'third party' source which he states in the dispute he never uses, and for another you never confirmed anything. You clearly are in the wrong here and not accepting that. If if my shop was broken into and I had your gold, which was stolen that would be different as I'd have 'business' & 'Shop' insurance which would cover for the losses, were talking about virtual gaming which you was in the wrong for trading with someone without full well confirmation stating that's him from Tribot, so you can't be refunded or covered for this. Im not trying to be a dick but I'm just trying to help you see that you made a simple mistake and there's nothing that can be done about this. & Like I said if the other guy was to offer you a gratitude like 10/20mil id accept it and move on but we all know that's never going to happen because it's virtual gaming and pixel which is stolen every day and we all make mistakes and unfortunately you did one on this occasion.
  2. Sorry for posting but after following & reading this dispute, I feel that you 'Botinftw' are missing the point in general. skypes security isn't anything to do with Tribot, if they can't afford a decent security measure to help secure people's account then this isn't our fault, why should sellers/buyers have to refund if they're hit by the miss fortunate hack. All for the community knows you could have hacked his Skype and done the trade yourself and trying to double your money by being refunded. If a rule implements you should request a pm then you should request a pm, I've had Yohojo on my Skype for ages, but never really spoken to him, why after a year or two would I finally message him and decide to sell gold without asking via PM for clarification that it is him, yes he's staff member but it's just logical to request a pm. I do not understand what you want from the dispute but I just feel you need to realise you didn't ask for a PM which states/suggests in the rules you do so, the buyer always does business over PM and it's a natural step in trading to confirm you're dealing with the right person, even if it was Bogla gold who has trades billions of gold, you'd still go on their website to confirm before trading over s Skype. I just feel as I'm sure most the community does, as you seemed to bring 'other members' Into the dispute by accepting old disputes off them which wasn't even correct evidence of a valid dispute that you need to realise you did a stupid mistake of not asking for a PM and you're in the wrong, no one else but you. & If the buyer chrismoon wants to throw you 10 mil in gratitude to keep his high valued feedback then I'd feel you're highly honoured but if not i just feel you need to suck it up, stop complaining and go make it back in staking as 40 million can be remade within 10 minutes on a good day. Sorry if if this isn't allowed but wanted to give a truthful honest opinion from someone who's been In a similar position and would tell you straight.
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