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  1. @USA the script is putting my combat potion (4) into the looting bag instead of drinking from it
  2. Joux

    Currently best scripts?

    USA green dragon
  3. Joux

    "Take a break" Button

    Yeah but you need to pause/unpause the script, I think what the OP is asking for, is a button which will break the script for X amount of time, or change the breaks to another setting, removing the need to unpause or restart the script.
  4. Anyone got any suggestions on how to change route if teleblocked? At the moment, if my character gets teleblocked there, I can't figure out how to make a manual route too the bank without using teleblocks, the script will just keep trying to teleport despite being teleblocked. I haven't seen any teleblocked features in the GUI, can anyone help?
  5. I think you meant to quote me. Going to drags at 60/50/50 without a dragon weapon is stupid, I wouldn't even consider dragons without a dragon weapon. Have you ever botted an account at 60/50/50 at green dragons? It would be awful
  6. Train in F2P until 60/60/60, get P2P complete a couple of quests (Lost city for a start, Waterfall is good for extra XP) and then go too dragons, would be better gp/hour at 65/65/65 or 70/70/70 but 60/60/60 can still clear 225k-250k/hour and 70/70/70 should be over 300k
  7. Yeah I made the mistake of wasting money on bonds, trying to make a profit training combat up, doesn't work out, learnt you can't do both. Apart from at green dragons, you might already know but dragons are weak too stab attacks which are shared XP, kills them abit quicker and you level up evenly which is great for the lower level accounts, I gained loads of levels in the time I spent there.
  8. Oh your 100% loosing your account. It was a ban free weekend + Monday, Tuesday the old ban hammer will be out in force no doubt. Get your loot ASAP. I ran the script for long periods of time with a long breaking system, it would run for 12 hours and maybe only kill dragons for 6-7 of those hours. Towards the end of my use, I was getting a decent amount of 0 death progress reports, which is always nice. A death only cost me around 40k + the loot, I was most annoyed about loosing the looting bag more than anything. However I noticed with the lower level accounts, 60,60,60 builds, your better off without the looting bag, with such low stats you can't last long enough to use it effectively. Right now I'm working on some accounts strictly F2P, going to get a decent number up too green dragon level and then buy another auth then. Tested it out on the one account, it's great, time to expand
  9. Also vouch for this script, it's great! Didn't get banned, only bought a 2 week auth and only used it for about 10 days. This is from one account:
  10. Premium scripts: https://tribot.org/forums/forum/128-premium-scripts/ Combat ones: https://tribot.org/forums/forum/225-combat/ Quest ones: https://tribot.org/forums/forum/240-quests/ Can't comment on quest bots never used one, I've recently started using Dax's auto figher, it's great, I'll post the link below, there is a free version with a lot less features.
  11. Yeah I was wondering about which is best practice. Unless they're 24/7 accounts like woodcutters, I keep it too 1 bot per client, or 5 bots per client if they're running for 24 hours and low usage/no breaks. I have mentioned it, but using 2 tabbed accounts with this script (maybe others too, unconfirmed) both with breaks (the same handler) they wouldn't work properly, 1 account would receive 2 break handlers, one after the other with a few min gap from the randomize. Thinking about it, this didn't happen prior to the performance update @TRiLeZ probably isn't a client issue but maybe the client has changed and the script hasn't been updated since?