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  1. yes it is working, it is gearing up 100% by it self, and turning the mouse speed up to 180% also is getting all of the prayer switches in, and 5 karambwans seem to beat the combos. next time it get stucks I will do that(:
  2. I left the account naked, and it geared up it self, currently not dying(tested an account with 42def/52pray/90hp, it is also still getting stuck. ( zul-andra teleport scrolls wont work) thanks for working with me till it got fixed! 8kills; 2 deaths: 1hour.
  3. deleted media.
  4. Literally has been at that spot for 7 hours, and cost me money in supplies by dying 10 times every 2 kills (-:, there's not much I can do the GUI is simple there's no real way for me to fuck it up THIS bad, i've done the gear changes recommended by OP i've done the GUI changes recommended by OP i've tried the changes he sugjested over skype.. anyone else's bots stopping like this too? How Do I get my bot to stop-stopping? How Do i get my bot to turn up a fucking profit and stop dying !!?!?!? Thanks again for any suggestions.. really want to fix this(:
  5. i've changed the gear, and the gui like you've suggest over skype.. still keep getting 3 deaths before i get one kill and then repeat..
  6. Theres no way this is my fault ive tried changing evey single setting
  7. after it died it said "going to bank" and i watched it walk from fally to Castlewars(idk why?) pictures of gui : GEAR: I TRIED VOID FIRST TO AVOID REPAIR COST UPON DEATH BUT DIED, CHANGED GEAR TO MORE EXPENSIVE TO SEE IF IT WOULD FIX IT, and NOPE: I've tried 3-6 karambwans, i've tried taking 1, i've tried moving the reaction bar, nothing.. I'd like to exhaust every possibility of it being my fault before I start bitching at the scripter for a refund(because the 3 kills it got in the 18 hours last night made me 400k LMAO) so the pontential is there.. if it would stop dying..
  8. 92 hp/86 def/85 range/89 mage/ 70 pray/void/diamon bolts e/ trident.. sharks. karamb. all pots recommended. I've died 3 times.. is there something im doing wrong..?
  9. Is my VIP-extended time still running even though I can't use it for the function I bought it for? I could care less about the rank.. I want to bot with lenseglass..
  10. Great vps, I was a little impatient but at the end I received my product in a timely manner.
  11. theres no other options on the dropdown can u add me on skype? can i pay u to set it up is that one of ur services
  12. https://gyazo.com/851c7cae9642037f16fe569f1cd51de8.png i keep getting that error yet i've checked my java and its up to date