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  1. as much as you want to charge me idc
  2. need help with proxy's on tribot
  3. thanks for the tip and i'm relatively new to this but i started botting on one account and am making like 500k/hr and its been running for 65 hours and counting, im looking to increase to maybe two accounts doing my method and posibly make like 1m/hr with two running the same thing and the ban rates seem non exsistant so far.
  4. Selling small time what i get from my bot farm right now might upgrade to a better layout later on Stock:30m Payment Options: Paypal Rate:1.15
  5. Martiin

    admin help asap

    i did that i even changed my password on the fourms
  6. Martiin

    admin help asap

    i cant login im typing the right info but it doesnt work
  7. Martiin

    admin help asap

    i cant login to my bot
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