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  1. AFK SAND CRABS will go to your desired location and sit there letting the sand crabs attack you until it needs to re-agro. 3 pre-set locations: https://gyazo.com/9a9d2d4fa895d34d02776dd6b04e61b1 map of locations: https://gyazo.com/c0f6322b6296ae4b84f9381d414ef61e Also can set up your own spot and where to lose agro at. If no custom agro spot is chosen it will use the agro spot for the pre-set locations: https://gyazo.com/4e417e39cb24b683cee4aa5850bf70eb Potion support: https://gyazo.com/adbe9f24f0a179a25fd8554b64517b40 recommended to have right click only enabled Features: Location: choose pre-set locations or custom Food: Check the use food box and type in the food id if you want to eat. Potions: Select the potion/s you want to use and how many of each you want to withdraw (Beta Feature) If using custom location set the tile you want to stand and fight the crabs by clicking the button when you're standing on the tile. If using custom agro location set the tile you want to run to when you lose agro by clicking the button when you're standing on the tile. You can activate it here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2070-afk-sand-crabs/ UPDATES: V1.01 - Reduced the delay after the crabs lose aggressiveness. Still uses abc2 for the reaction time. Sept 28 2016: V1.02 - Bug fixes: If eating food the bot will log out when there is none in the bank. Bot should no longer log out due to being too AFK. Oct 6 2016: Minor fix: Updated the paint to be slightly neater and include more details. Oct 19 2016: V1.03 - Script will now load any settings you used in your previous session. Nov 9 2016: V1.1 - Added beta potion support. Let me know if you find any bugs or have some features you want implemented.
  2. Just letting everyone know I'm away on holidays for a few more days but the bot should work fine on the island if you don't need to use the boat. just set your crab tile and custom agro tile. It uses abc2 reaction times and other antiban stuff like randomly right clicking, moving the mouse off screen, clicking random tabs. it's not ABCL10 but it does use some abc2 Yeah I could look into that when i get home. shouldn't be hard. Yeah i could maybe add an option that makes you hop if you get crashed. I don't like hopping just because someone else is lazy and plus u might be hopping for a while which could xp waste but i can still probably do it. EVERYONE MAKE SURE RIGHT CLICK ONLY FOR NPC'S IS ENABLED. This ensures that you won't be spam clicking on a crab if it's sitting in your spot. The bot never attacks a crab on purpose so if you set it to right click only it will work a lot better. Glad to hear it Thanks for using it! Any other questions don't hesitate to ask but I probably won't reply for a few days.
  3. no worries, glad it's working and you're enjoying it
  4. Try restarting tribot a couple of times otherwise might need the tribot client to be updated. I don't see how osrs updating means the script doesnt work unless something in the API changed. ill have a look at see what happens for me.
  5. You guys probably have left click enabled. there is no reason to have left click on because the script will never attack a crab on purpose so just switch it for npc's to right click only so that wen it clicks the tile it walks there instead of clicking a crab. this is a lot better than right clicking to walk somewhere
  6. What was the problem? Was food or potions turned on? No one has been banned that i'm aware of. Nice glad to hear
  7. i have windows ten i just download tribot and double click it. if it's not working you probably dont have the right java installed.
  8. Yeh just make sure you set up the tiles properly with custom spot. Go to the island find your tile and set that as your custom crab spot. find out where you need to run to reagro and set that tile to your custom agro spot. Although just keep in mind that you wouldn't be able to use potions or food unless you plan on manually taking the boat back to bank.
  9. ah that'd do it lol Script works right now if you select your tile and the tile you want to re-agro at. Jagex removed the preset locations so i will probably update the preset one's so people can use them but the script will still work if you set your own.
  10. Yeh i hope this doesn't come across the wrong way but I've watched a few of your videos and at best can only understand 50% of what you say like the sand crabs video. good luck maxing your account!
  11. I personally wouldn't bot on an account with 2 day ban. Jagex will be more suspicious of an account with a ban previously and could lead to you being permanently banned but if you're using looking glass and only doing it a few hours per day then you might survive. Dont do it if it's an important account
  12. I bought vip-e after the site came back online and i just checked then i have 33 days left so it worked for me. hopefully you get it resolved.
  13. Could be the new update. What is it doing? ill try have a look today. Edit: Ah so the new update removed the three built in spots plus probably the re-agro spot. Should still work if using only custom settings but i will update the re-agro spot to be somewhere new. Edit 2: The script will work fine if you use custom tiles. I will hopefully update within the next couple of days but im pretty sick at the moment so we will see.
  14. site keeps going down
  15. Proxies dont help individual accounts stay unbanned unless your main ip is flagged. they help chain bans. so if one account is flagged as being a bot and is going to be banned if its on a proxy by itself then thats it, the account gets banned and nothing else but if theyre all on the same ip then the accounts also on that ip could be banned alongside it. (wont always happen). So i would say proxies help a tonne. especially if you have a main you dont want to be linked to botting then its a must.
  16. ah ok. seems weird if they know its a flagged ip or bot for them to lock it instead of ban it. i guess if theyre not 100% sure then yeh a bot is more unlikely to unlock the account.
  17. yeh thats what i thought happened. maybe fal thought when u said locked you meant banned. also with the account thats already locked you could try making the email address that you put in the account and get them to resend the email. so like if you put [email protected] go make a gmail account with that name and resend it.
  18. private script is a great start but you definitely want to use proxies and looking glass.
  19. pretty sure they would just ban the account in that case. wouldnt the most common reason for locking an account would be using a completely different ip to log in from like the other side of the world.
  20. lmao. Always gotta do a search before posting a question
  21. if you dont want to take high risk then dont bot overnight. bot during jagex work hours and only bot a few hours at a time then do something legit
  22. Does wide cap work with teamspeak? also you can play runescape on maxthon
  23. oh yeh lol im dumb i dno why i read it like that. but still on a 1 defence pure i would use absorptions instead of prayer pots. so much cheaper
  24. whats wrong with using void with 1 defence? i dno why anyone uses prayer pots. the max they can hit is 1's using overload and absorption so it's still gonna last a while.
  25. TRIBOT IS BACK!!!! Im on 0 days so if i wanna bot right now ill have to buy vip E right? and then a week can be added on top of that i suppose