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  1. lets be friends

    Unofficial TRiBot CLI

  2. lets be friends

    What's the thing you'd like to see the most?

    Backlog of bugs from gitlab fixed would be amazing. some of those bugs have been around for months and are script breaking. I understand some are harder to fix than others but would love to see script breaking bugs fixed and CLI support. 2 biggest things that stop people from goldfarming.
  3. lets be friends

    Scripts not transferring from website to client

    That's pretty excessive. If someone wants to restart the client, most people just close then open the client. downloading the client again could help though, or checking firewall settings.
  4. lets be friends

    Can load scripts

    Wait 15-30 minutes and try again. Make sure when stopping a script you click end script and don't just close the tribot client while it's still running.
  5. lets be friends

    What's the thing you'd like to see the most?

    Please can we have CLI that is supported on linux. Very hard to gold farm without CLI. Grand Exchange api has a horrible bug for years where if you search something like "egg" it will press enter and therefore select the first option even though the egg is the second option. Ability to download previous versions of scripts that you have uploaded to repo. I like how gson is now supported but would be nice to be able to use jdbc for database's and jsoup for web requests. But I'm loving the amount of updates recently!
  6. lets be friends

    TRiBot Firewall - Opinions

    Disabled by default please.
  7. Welcome screen as in the screen that says click here to continue? yeah I do a check after login for the screen's interface and click it myself.
  8. lets be friends

    is it even possible to bot f2p?

    damn @wastedbro that was good read.
  9. lets be friends


    what did the script do? I need an account with membership to fix the script. did you have 23m worth of items worn and then you died? I dont really get how you could have lost 23m from the script.
  10. lets be friends


    AFK SAND CRABS will go to your desired location and sit there letting the sand crabs attack you until it needs to re-agro. *** IMPORTANT *** MAKE SURE RIGHT CLICK ONLY IS ENABLED FOR NPC'S. If you have any problems with the script please copy the bot and client debug and paste them along with a picture of your gui with as much information as possible so I can help fix it. If there is a problem after a runescape update, restart the tribot client twice. ****As of the recent update to include the crab island the preset locations aren't working and i've removed them for now. I will update this page once i know if ill be making new preset locations or leaving it as a custom tile only script. 21/5/17 - Unlikely that I will be adding preset spots because you can choose anywhere with your custom tile's and it hasn't really been asked for. **** You must set up your own spot and where to lose agro at. If no custom agro spot is chosen it will use a pre-set agro spot. https://gyazo.com/4e417e39cb24b683cee4aa5850bf70eb Potion support: https://gyazo.com/adbe9f24f0a179a25fd8554b64517b40 * HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO HAVE NPC RIGHT CLICK ONLY. Otherwise the bot will try to walk to its crab tile but will instead constantly click on a crab if it is on your spot. * Features: Location: choose custom locations Food: Check the use food box and type in the food id if you want to eat. Potions: Select the potion/s you want to use and how many of each you want to withdraw (Beta Feature) If using custom location set the tile you want to stand and fight the crabs by clicking the button when you're standing on the tile. If using custom agro location set the tile you want to run to when you lose agro by clicking the button when you're standing on the tile. You can activate it here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2070-afk-sand-crabs/ UPDATES: V1.01 - Reduced the delay after the crabs lose aggressiveness. Still uses abc2 for the reaction time. Sept 28 2016: V1.02 - Bug fixes: If eating food the bot will log out when there is none in the bank. Bot should no longer log out due to being too AFK. Oct 6 2016: Minor fix: Updated the paint to be slightly neater and include more details. Oct 19 2016: V1.03 - Script will now load any settings you used in your previous session. Nov 9 2016: V1.1 - Added beta potion support. Dec 7 2016: V1.11 - Reworked the re-agro system if the "on island" checkbox is ticked as it was running in a completely different direction and getting stuck. Removed the pre-set locations from the GUI as they aren't available anymore. Changed the default re-agro tile to be just north of the bank. (recommended to use custom everything for now.) Let me know if you find any bugs or have some features you want implemented.
  11. lets be friends

    Increase radius of FindNearest

    probably uses the max range no? if you can't set the distance I would only assume so.
  12. lets be friends

    Script Denied

    also make sure you're upload .java not .class files
  13. lets be friends

    CLI Working?

    I see @erickho123 discontinued his CLI starter because @TRiLeZ released an official one, but it says the official one doesn't work on linux? so is there a CLI starter for tribot that is currently working for linux? @wastedbro @Todd @Encoded @JoeDezzy1 Thanks. https://help.tribot.org/support/solutions/articles/36000043771--advanced-how-to-use-cli-arguments-to-launch-tribot?_ga=2.163751992.606724780.1541372830-233524132.1540179873
  14. lets be friends

    Keep getting banned

    yeah, interesting. I think I would hate to have static ip. useful in some scenarios for sure though.
  15. lets be friends

    Keep getting banned

    I'm not disagreeing with your point but how the fuck did you keep the same ip for years, that takes some effort.
  16. lets be friends

    Tribot won't run on proxy

    lol. I've heard some bad things about proxyfish but never tried them myself. you might want to ask them about it, if the proxy didn't work from the initial tribot screen it will pop up saying it doesn't work so it is connecting just doesn't seem to be able to download anything.
  17. lets be friends

    Get Current Proxy

    Is it possible to get the IP of the proxy that is currently being used by Tribot? I remember someone told me some code that would find it using obfuscated code or something but I don't remember it was a long time ago, I wrote it down somewhere but can't find it. (I never tested it though so it might not have worked) EDIT: Just to clarify I want to be able to check which proxy the client is using from within my script that I've written myself and will not be uploaded to repo.
  18. lets be friends

    Get Current Proxy

    Yeah thought that might be the only way would prefer straight from script though
  19. lets be friends

    Get Current Proxy

    I'll make the post more clear but I put it in the scripter section because I'm talking about code. In my script I want to be able to tell what proxy im using. Thank you for replying so fast though.
  20. lets be friends


    damn, did trilez change some stuff? this script has worked for like a year without updates I haven't been botting for a while so I dno when I'll get a chance to check it out
  21. lets be friends

    Does Tribot actually support VPN's?

    go to ipleak.net and see if anything shows ur real ip
  22. lets be friends


    Thanks Sorry about that I thought I had it written somewhere but banking doesn't work while on the island.
  23. lets be friends

    TRiBot Release 9.310_0

    Also seems like the client uses more resources now. I used to be able to run 9 looking glass clients per server and now can only run 7. originally had it on 384mb heap size, tried 350 and 512 same problem. Few of my clients had problems finding one of the class files and the others didnt. also like 20% of them didnt run the script and then when i tried to run again said a script is already running. Any chance i can use the client and api from like a month ago but with the updated hooks. I really do love the updates, but I love the client working even more.
  24. lets be friends

    TRiBot Release 9.310_0

    Does anyone have problems with the banking api? Seems to just skip banking.withdraw sometimes.
  25. lets be friends


    Is there any other information you can give me? Copy paste the bot debug and client debug when it happens. Maybe you typed the wrong food id or don't have potions you chose. take a picture of the gui too.