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  1. damn that sucks, very thankful mine is working then, hopefully it doesnt break again for me.
  2. yeh equipment
  3. is this still not fixed? :/ Can't bot without this. edit: yay works for me
  4. on front page it says up to 120k and ive heard other people getting 120k
  5. which monsters are best for dharok, i can only get 95-100k per hour
  6. yeh broke my script
  7. was working earlier but now it wont flick rapid heal. i tried restarting tribot twice but it's still just clicking the prayer button even when its on prayer interface. Edit: deleted hooks.dat and now it's fixed.
  8. ah yeh thats very very annoying, luckily i use a dedicated server and it doesnt happen often at all.
  9. I would trust you but i've done my own testing. Exact same set up, all hand done 1 looking glass, 1 normal client. looking glass account lasted a month, normal client lasted 2 days. It might just be coincidence or something else but when i use looking glass my accounts last 100x longer and that's why im sticking to it. If you don't get banned using the normal client then that's awesome. I would love to be able to use the inbuilt client starter with normal clients but it's not worth getting banned in 2 days to me.
  10. I would recommend using looking glass if you don't want to be banned.
  11. I'm not 100% sure but i had accounts doing other stuff that laster over 2 months and they all got banned recently so jagex might be cracking down
  12. if you're using looking glass and proxies to change your ip then im not sure, weird there hasn't been more people complaining about bans. I might make an account and test it out see how long it takes to get banned.
  13. The script hasn't changed for months, Are you using proxies, looking glass, not botting all day etc...