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  1. Editing Saved Script Queues to Change Only Login Info

    Yeh I hate it. Even if you're logged in when you start the queue it will fck up if the bot logs out. From my experience at least.
  2. Sand Crabs

    Oh yeh that's why I created the afk sand crabs script cuz most combat script click the monster to attack it but you don't do that with sand crabs. you should search sand crabs scripts instead of combat for that monster specifically. I would imagine mutes crabs script is up to date if you're looking for a premium one.
  3. Sand Crabs

    I don't bot sand crabs. My script doesn't use Dax's walker and I'm kinda surprised you didn't test it seeing as the name is "AFK Sand Crabs" I woulda thought it would be at the top of the list when you search sand crabs. I misread when you said "I've tried about every script here" I thought you had tested every sand crab script not just some. Try all the sand crab scripts and if none are to your liking or not working you can post on their thread asking to update it or post your problems with it, if all that fails you'd have to buy a private script which could be pricey.
  4. What are the best settings when botting on a VPS?

    Yeh what you mean by best settings for botting on a vps? just use the same settings you do for your main computer. You can do other stuff like increase paint delay or disable graphics which might reduce cpu usage. If you post the settings you're using im sure some people can tell you if it's good or not.
  5. Sand Crabs

    Sounds like something is wrong on your end if every single sand crabs script doesn't work. Try restarting your client 2 times and make sure it loads the full way. Make sure you're not in resizable mode. My AFK sand crabs script works as far as I know and if you have any problems you can let me know.
  6. 2 days ban

    Oh I thought you were saying there hasn't been an increase in bans because you botting one single account hasn't been banned. So yeh you're right, if you're botting a main where you play legit and not farm-like then it's a different game.
  7. 2 days ban

    You're not doing the same thing as everyone else though. You even said you were doing some stuff manually, that alone will change stuff. Who knows what else is different. I'm just saying a considerable amount of people have noticed their farms getting hit harder than they usually would. You only have one account so it would be hard for you to notice, even if that one account got banned you wouldn't know if it's cuz of this increase in bans or if it would have been banned anyway.
  8. 2 days ban

    It's because you don't run a farm. Bans have increased in the fast few weeks.
  9. Used the video to compile straight into scripts. Still works a charm
  10. Corrupt-A-Wish (give away)

    Granted, but it's on fire with everything you love inside. I wish I had food.
  11. Corrupt-A-Wish (give away)

    Granted, but they're gluten-free. I wish I had a pet meerkat.

    I've used it on a pure before with no problems. Do you know why it dies? It should eat food until it's out and then go bank. Are you on the crab-claw island? What food are you using? whats your hp? How much food do you withdraw? Has it ever gone to the bank to withdraw food? Also you're using tribot break handler which doesn't check if it's in combat before attempting to log out. Probably won't be trying to fix that anytime soon.

    That's weird. Dno why it suddenly started working then.

    Did you restart your client twice after the update before running the script?
  15. [Open Source] Noob Account Leveler

    I believe it has an efficacy rating of 16.34