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  1. lets be friends

    Tribot keeps telling me im running 2 instances

    I think if you don't press "stop script" then it will still think it's running for a while. don't quote me on that though.
  2. lets be friends

    TRiBot Release 10.13_0

    Awesome, keep those bug fixes coming! hoping "Add new internal framework for capturing exceptions" will be helpful with the click hanging bug.
  3. lets be friends

    LG Black Screen on Load [plz help i'm stupid w/technology]

    You mentioned JRE but you need to run looking glass with JDK
  4. lets be friends

    ChatBox interface always NULL

    do you use the interface explorer to find the chat interface? double check the master is 137 and the child is whatever you have. check if that's null and then maybe grab one line from interface explorer and grab that component and then see if thats null. I dno though just trying to help debug.
  5. lets be friends

    Worse case for mass accounts on single IP

    What other things are you worried about? When botting the worst thing that can happen is getting banned. They don't generally block IP's and I believe it would happen even less with residential IP's but it's possible the IP could be flagged so that any account made from it is automatically added to the "check if bot" pile but if you don't care about bans then what's the harm in testing? You can definitely make money from botting hundreds of accounts on a single IP. just depends how you go about it. Another thing would be if you're creating the accounts on the 1 IP then you won't be able to make that many cuz your IP will get blocked from creating accounts for like an hour or something. also, you could get locked which is super annoying if you have to manually unlock it or used a throwaway email address.
  6. lets be friends

    Can't figure out how to open the Tribot from the Win.Rar file

    rar and jar files are completely different things. you downloaded tribot.jar which is a java file not .rar which is a compressed folder
  7. lets be friends

    Scripts Package

    you said it keeps trying to login in over and over again. what happens when it tries to login, does it get user/pass incorrect or mistype it or connection failed or already logged in like what is the reason it doesn't login? I've had problems where if an account is already logged in and another bot tries to login to that account then the login.login(user, pass) never returns false and just keeps trying to login and never exits the login() method. super annoying but im not sure if that's the same problem you're having
  8. lets be friends

    Unofficial TRiBot CLI

  9. lets be friends

    What's the thing you'd like to see the most?

    Backlog of bugs from gitlab fixed would be amazing. some of those bugs have been around for months and are script breaking. I understand some are harder to fix than others but would love to see script breaking bugs fixed and CLI support. 2 biggest things that stop people from goldfarming.
  10. lets be friends

    Scripts not transferring from website to client

    That's pretty excessive. If someone wants to restart the client, most people just close then open the client. downloading the client again could help though, or checking firewall settings.
  11. lets be friends

    Can load scripts

    Wait 15-30 minutes and try again. Make sure when stopping a script you click end script and don't just close the tribot client while it's still running.
  12. lets be friends

    What's the thing you'd like to see the most?

    Please can we have CLI that is supported on linux. Very hard to gold farm without CLI. Grand Exchange api has a horrible bug for years where if you search something like "egg" it will press enter and therefore select the first option even though the egg is the second option. Ability to download previous versions of scripts that you have uploaded to repo. I like how gson is now supported but would be nice to be able to use jdbc for database's and jsoup for web requests. But I'm loving the amount of updates recently!
  13. lets be friends

    TRiBot Firewall - Opinions

    Disabled by default please.
  14. Welcome screen as in the screen that says click here to continue? yeah I do a check after login for the screen's interface and click it myself.
  15. lets be friends

    is it even possible to bot f2p?

    damn @wastedbro that was good read.