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  1. lets be friends


    what did the script do? I need an account with membership to fix the script. did you have 23m worth of items worn and then you died? I dont really get how you could have lost 23m from the script.
  2. lets be friends

    Increase radius of FindNearest

    probably uses the max range no? if you can't set the distance I would only assume so.
  3. lets be friends

    Script Denied

    also make sure you're upload .java not .class files
  4. lets be friends

    CLI Working?

    I see @erickho123 discontinued his CLI starter because @TRiLeZ released an official one, but it says the official one doesn't work on linux? so is there a CLI starter for tribot that is currently working for linux? @wastedbro @Todd @Encoded @JoeDezzy1 Thanks. https://help.tribot.org/support/solutions/articles/36000043771--advanced-how-to-use-cli-arguments-to-launch-tribot?_ga=2.163751992.606724780.1541372830-233524132.1540179873
  5. lets be friends

    Keep getting banned

    yeah, interesting. I think I would hate to have static ip. useful in some scenarios for sure though.
  6. lets be friends

    Keep getting banned

    I'm not disagreeing with your point but how the fuck did you keep the same ip for years, that takes some effort.
  7. lets be friends

    Tribot won't run on proxy

    lol. I've heard some bad things about proxyfish but never tried them myself. you might want to ask them about it, if the proxy didn't work from the initial tribot screen it will pop up saying it doesn't work so it is connecting just doesn't seem to be able to download anything.
  8. lets be friends

    Get Current Proxy

    Yeah thought that might be the only way would prefer straight from script though
  9. lets be friends

    Get Current Proxy

    I'll make the post more clear but I put it in the scripter section because I'm talking about code. In my script I want to be able to tell what proxy im using. Thank you for replying so fast though.
  10. lets be friends

    Get Current Proxy

    Is it possible to get the IP of the proxy that is currently being used by Tribot? I remember someone told me some code that would find it using obfuscated code or something but I don't remember it was a long time ago, I wrote it down somewhere but can't find it. (I never tested it though so it might not have worked) EDIT: Just to clarify I want to be able to check which proxy the client is using from within my script that I've written myself and will not be uploaded to repo.
  11. lets be friends


    damn, did trilez change some stuff? this script has worked for like a year without updates I haven't been botting for a while so I dno when I'll get a chance to check it out
  12. lets be friends

    Does Tribot actually support VPN's?

    go to ipleak.net and see if anything shows ur real ip
  13. lets be friends


    Thanks Sorry about that I thought I had it written somewhere but banking doesn't work while on the island.
  14. lets be friends

    TRiBot Release 9.310_0

    Also seems like the client uses more resources now. I used to be able to run 9 looking glass clients per server and now can only run 7. originally had it on 384mb heap size, tried 350 and 512 same problem. Few of my clients had problems finding one of the class files and the others didnt. also like 20% of them didnt run the script and then when i tried to run again said a script is already running. Any chance i can use the client and api from like a month ago but with the updated hooks. I really do love the updates, but I love the client working even more.
  15. lets be friends

    TRiBot Release 9.310_0

    Does anyone have problems with the banking api? Seems to just skip banking.withdraw sometimes.