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  1. yes osbuddy. It's the same issue that's been happening for months. If i click the login button it will continue like normal and work. If the bot accidentally clicks the part where on osbuddy it has "remember username" then it breaks as well and keeps entering the username over and over and trying to login with like 10 usernames entered.
  2. Yeah I only use looking glass because whenever I don't, my account is banned the next day and it gets really annoying really quick. I've had some of these accounts for over a month before they're banned. I'll add you when I get home, I'm away at the moment.
  3. yeh it would only be 5-7 but it's just to make it easier. I lag a decent amount on vps' and so it takes some time to set them up. its not like hours but would be nice to just press a button and close the vps. Ill manage though :P.
  4. probs didnt use looking glass
  5. Is the login screen an interface? Since this has been a problem for months maybe it would be better for me to add something to my script where if the bot is logged out the script will look for the existing user button and press it if it's found. I think that would fix the problem.
  6. Thanks ill look in to all that stuff. sucks its not so simple. i didnt think the tribot built in auto starter could use looking glass but ill look again. im using my own script so i dont have a gui but i could use script argument if i needed. but also the problem with client starter even if it used looking glass is that i like to have one client per osbuddy, multiple tabs comes with some problems ive noticed.
  7. to be safe I would stop using the bot that logged in on the main ip but it's up to you.
  8. Just wondering if it's easily possible to auto run looking glass with login info, script, proxy all in a command line or something really long process to set up all my looking glass clients especially if using vps.
  9. Just letting everyone know I'm away on holidays for a few more days but the bot should work fine on the island if you don't need to use the boat. just set your crab tile and custom agro tile. It uses abc2 reaction times and other antiban stuff like randomly right clicking, moving the mouse off screen, clicking random tabs. it's not ABCL10 but it does use some abc2 Yeah I could look into that when i get home. shouldn't be hard. Yeah i could maybe add an option that makes you hop if you get crashed. I don't like hopping just because someone else is lazy and plus u might be hopping for a while which could xp waste but i can still probably do it. EVERYONE MAKE SURE RIGHT CLICK ONLY FOR NPC'S IS ENABLED. This ensures that you won't be spam clicking on a crab if it's sitting in your spot. The bot never attacks a crab on purpose so if you set it to right click only it will work a lot better. Glad to hear it Thanks for using it! Any other questions don't hesitate to ask but I probably won't reply for a few days.
  10. no worries, glad it's working and you're enjoying it
  11. Try restarting tribot a couple of times otherwise might need the tribot client to be updated. I don't see how osrs updating means the script doesnt work unless something in the API changed. ill have a look at see what happens for me.
  12. You guys probably have left click enabled. there is no reason to have left click on because the script will never attack a crab on purpose so just switch it for npc's to right click only so that wen it clicks the tile it walks there instead of clicking a crab. this is a lot better than right clicking to walk somewhere
  13. What was the problem? Was food or potions turned on? No one has been banned that i'm aware of. Nice glad to hear
  14. i have windows ten i just download tribot and double click it. if it's not working you probably dont have the right java installed.
  15. Yeh just make sure you set up the tiles properly with custom spot. Go to the island find your tile and set that as your custom crab spot. find out where you need to run to reagro and set that tile to your custom agro spot. Although just keep in mind that you wouldn't be able to use potions or food unless you plan on manually taking the boat back to bank.