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    Do you get many complaints from people who looked at your sig/website and then go to proxyfish and get fucked over or are most people happy with proxyfish?
  2. Road to bond f2p

    It's possible your main won't get banned but also possible it will so if you do care about your main you'll probably want to use proxies.
  3. Road to bond f2p

    Good luck prying money making methods from people. Just be prepared to get banned a lot cuz you will.

    Take a look at the front page of this thread. It's recommended to have right click only for npc's so that when the bot clicks somewhere it will walk instead of attacking. There's no reason for this bot to attack something because it's meant to be afk. What do you mean doesn't aggro on the same spot? It won't run to the exact same spot to re-aggro every time if that's what you mean. It will run to a tile near that position but not the exact spot every time.
  5. Using proxy - switching between tribot & Osbuddy

    You could use widecap or proxifier or something to mask just the osbuddy client but I dno why you're using a proxy if you're playing legit. unless you've got an even more legit account you don't want linked to the ones you botted.
  6. Looking Glass How to detect osrs client (not osbuddy)

    Try turning the heap size down and see what happens. Pretty sure the official client has problems if you use it.
  7. "No runescape client was found"

    Dno then. When mine wouldn't connect doing what I said fixed it.
  8. "No runescape client was found"

    Oh I guess that's what you get for skimming the original post. I didn't know you already had it working I thought you were having problems connecting tribot and osbuddy. Looking glass uses a lot of resources so I'm not surprised it uses a lot of the cpu. I doubt using the .exe will reduce the resources but I use the exe not the jar and I don't see ridiculous loads on my cpu. Although it's also possible that your computer can't handle it.
  9. "No runescape client was found"

    tribot scripts have errors with the official client. stick to osbuddy. remove all java, install java 64bit 102 and download the osbuddy.exe and osbuddy.jar. If it still wont work with either of those clients then download jarfix, run that and try again.
  10. Am I using RSArea correctly?

    That should work, the area is created properly. Might have to show the snippet, there might be something else wrong but I can't see anything wrong with it. This should work: private static final RSArea EDGE_AREA = new RSArea(new RSTile(3083,3051,0), new RSTile(3100,3486,0)); if(EDGE_AREA.contains(Player.getPosition())){ println("in edge"); } else { println("not in edge"); }

    There's no reason for me to think it wouldn't. Are you having problems?
  12. Setting up Looking Glass

    @biggusdyckus Nice guide. I did that my first time and it didn't work so if someone is having troubles here's some stuff you can try. turn off the tribot firewall in settings. temporarily turn off windows firewall to see if thats the issue or add tribot to the firewall. uninstall all java and use 1.8.0_102 64bit with osbuddy.exe 64bit Download a program called jarfix and run that.
  13. Blue screen ram problem

    Nope. Hasnt happened much but I havent been doing lots of things at once either.
  14. Setting up Looking Glass

    Im not gonna do that when I already have looking glass working lol. thanks though. glad you got it working.
  15. Setting up Looking Glass

    It's not that easy, I installed the latest version and it didn't work. I use 1.8.0_102 64bit with the osbuddy.exe 64bit.