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  1. lets be friends


    damn, did trilez change some stuff? this script has worked for like a year without updates I haven't been botting for a while so I dno when I'll get a chance to check it out
  2. lets be friends

    Does Tribot actually support VPN's?

    go to ipleak.net and see if anything shows ur real ip
  3. lets be friends


    Thanks Sorry about that I thought I had it written somewhere but banking doesn't work while on the island.
  4. lets be friends

    TRiBot Release 9.310_0

    Also seems like the client uses more resources now. I used to be able to run 9 looking glass clients per server and now can only run 7. originally had it on 384mb heap size, tried 350 and 512 same problem. Few of my clients had problems finding one of the class files and the others didnt. also like 20% of them didnt run the script and then when i tried to run again said a script is already running. Any chance i can use the client and api from like a month ago but with the updated hooks. I really do love the updates, but I love the client working even more.
  5. lets be friends

    TRiBot Release 9.310_0

    Does anyone have problems with the banking api? Seems to just skip banking.withdraw sometimes.
  6. lets be friends


    Is there any other information you can give me? Copy paste the bot debug and client debug when it happens. Maybe you typed the wrong food id or don't have potions you chose. take a picture of the gui too.
  7. lets be friends

    [P] - Need private script, will pay

    Careful botting on an account you don't want banned. chances are, it will get banned especially if you're not experienced with botting. not saying you aren't but just a warning.
  8. lets be friends


    It eats at 23 every single time? That shouldn't happen, it uses abc2 to generate the eat at value.
  9. lets be friends


    Do you get many complaints from people who looked at your sig/website and then go to proxyfish and get fucked over or are most people happy with proxyfish?
  10. lets be friends

    Road to bond f2p

    It's possible your main won't get banned but also possible it will so if you do care about your main you'll probably want to use proxies.
  11. lets be friends

    Road to bond f2p

    Good luck prying money making methods from people. Just be prepared to get banned a lot cuz you will.
  12. lets be friends


    Take a look at the front page of this thread. It's recommended to have right click only for npc's so that when the bot clicks somewhere it will walk instead of attacking. There's no reason for this bot to attack something because it's meant to be afk. What do you mean doesn't aggro on the same spot? It won't run to the exact same spot to re-aggro every time if that's what you mean. It will run to a tile near that position but not the exact spot every time.
  13. lets be friends

    Using proxy - switching between tribot & Osbuddy

    You could use widecap or proxifier or something to mask just the osbuddy client but I dno why you're using a proxy if you're playing legit. unless you've got an even more legit account you don't want linked to the ones you botted.
  14. lets be friends

    Looking Glass How to detect osrs client (not osbuddy)

    Try turning the heap size down and see what happens. Pretty sure the official client has problems if you use it.
  15. lets be friends

    "No runescape client was found"

    Dno then. When mine wouldn't connect doing what I said fixed it.