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  1. Made a level 3 with nothing, Bought this script, Bam 14.8m Fishing exp, also 15-70 strength & agility (When i wasn't on sharks), Best script i've ever seen on oldschool, 100hour+ (inc breaking) progs flat out, 10/10 fo sure. ><> Dat cape.
  2. Clean as script, Got home from work, 16 hours still going (Inc breaking), I don't have the balls to run for any longer, if i get 20+ i'll post lol.
  3. Great script, Worth alot more to be honest. I'm very paranoid about my account being banned, I'm using break times; 30 on 45 off and 40 on 25 off, Do you guys suggest any different? - (1atk,81str,1def,66hp) Thanks
  4. Finally got it working . Only few bugs i've found so far; - It doesn't use the near bank (Eg tele to camelot when at ardy). - Withdraws the items you need (food,pots) and deposits them as walking around getting new task etc. And could you please add (Level44 Dogs) to flags, They seem to wreck the low level accounts. Besides that definitely worth $25, Flawless!
  5. Read the FAQ? I've searched this whole place for 2 days trying to find out how to set stupid armour up, Can you just tell me, Take you two seconds mute..
  6. Purchased this script last night, every time i run script , i'm prompted with an allow thing, whichever i choose, it just freezes, am i doing something wrong ..?
  7. Selling 55 Tribot credits, 350k rs07gp each, Might do bulk deal. Pm me on here or skype. Skype- Farming instyle.
  8. Just asking around, Has anyone been banned, and does anyone recommend break times/exp gains, Am an obby mauler with 75 strength. (Just very cautious and don't want account banned, as i have had a minimal warning) :/. tia.
  9. Paid for this script about 5 hours ago, Still can't access?
  10. Script looks awesome for the $25, I was just wondering if this script would support the edge slayer master and, An obby mauler (1atk,def,pray), and only using melee/ maul. It has 73 strength and 35 slayer.
  11. I know this probably wasn't this scripts fault, But back about 10 days ago. After using this script from 1-96 cooking, I got hacked, (i'm very careful with my passwords), But the one thing that's got me thinking, ONLY MY RAW/COOKED SHARKS GOT TAKEN, They left GP pile, Other items etc, Anyone else have this problem. - I logged in, and was in Varrock West Bank, Missing my sharks. - Not a happy botter....
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