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  1. I was just about to post these bugs im having every problem that he stated the one that bothers me the most is that it will not attack some monsters and it wont loot the items off the ground.
  2. Script is extremely slow in clicking on the next urn, and extremely un-humanlike in doing so. Anyone who does this minigame would be spam clicking on the urns to loot them, and clicking on the next urn right away. Can you add this as an option? (Experience from getting 99 thieving here legit Pre-Eoc)
  3. Can you link me to the download? I tried but couldnt find the 8u20 dowlonad
  4. Not sure if it's from most recent tribot update or not, as it was working fine earlier, but as of recently, it's having trouble at gargoyles. It hovers and tries to click near them (maybe because they're off the ground?) and it also takes 2-3 second delay after killing each gargoyle to attempt to attack the next Edit: Restarted Tribot twice and it's now working
  5. Is there any way to have it kill nechryaels without attacking the death spawns? It will kill the nechs, and then since its in combat with the death spawn, attack and kill it, before killing the next nech
  6. Again, any idea why script won't drink my prayer potions, or loot? Wouldn't do either in the free mode either, bought this hoping that it would. Any advice helps. Thanks
  7. I'm at iron dragons now and it's looting the bones as soon as they drop, but skipped over a rune battle axe until it disappeared
  8. I'm using loot valuables and have 4 rune meds in the bank from such, so I know it should be looting them. Sat there and watched someone else pick up the med helm drop cause it took so long. Not a big problem since it's only 10k, but if that had happened on a visage, I would probably have cried. I think the running away is related to the chaos dwarves attacking me. I have a lessers task now, so I'll watch and take screenies if it happens again. Thanks for the quick reply!
  9. Looting is currently broken for some items such as rune med helm. Also, for lesser demons, it will go kill like 5-15, and then run to the place with the floating axes, and sit there for a minute, and then repeat.
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