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  1. adding peopel to that team, with no use if you would have develpment slave u could maby get this shite working your just shit head walking in mountains finding him self cool where is hour mobile bot you fagg
  2. i have reported him houw he stil not banned
  3. i could help you sir fore 10 m
  4. https://gyazo.com/0988e34ed233824b49d285bae68a5151
  5. tanning dragon hide is best way i can think of so far stil need to try out autotyper
  6. so what could i bot to get acounts banned real quick
  7. patoon17

    Got banned

    i got banned to what u try to say
  8. i wil test this god bles you
  9. i can see what u mean men with afk works pretty wel i left my mule acounts one with afk fore days i forgot them and there stil not banned while my farm is
  10. if you do the meth you can beter just run tons of acounts true these quest points and let them rest i gues
  11. who are you lol one of trilezer mystery workers
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