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  1. patoon17


    you have never gotten suc6 full bot farm what the hell are you talking about dog.... you referred peopel with out real knowlegend
  2. patoon17

    "Thonking" Reaction Added

    oke son
  3. patoon17

    A little help please :3

    i belevie you need to verify your ip to have true privet proxy
  4. patoon17

    A little help please :3

    privet proxy means you need to verify your ip i belevie only then its true privet proxy
  5. patoon17

    A little help please :3

    whas dos privet mean fore you?
  6. patoon17

    Restating my question: how is Jagex tracking me?

    they track you gps location every thing dudeee
  7. patoon17

    Require premium scripters to have own accounts?

    u should pay to lend acounts to make updates and you would have NO PROBLEMS to get acounts its realy eazy djstarfox
  8. patoon17

    Getting Banned

    verry nice
  9. patoon17

    [Beta] Mute's Slayer

    lets also hope you can keep it updated verry wel i remeber your old script be down alot
  10. patoon17

    ExWalker - Walk anywhere with RS Map

    hey erick i enjoy it alot could make script log in now i need to first log in my acount in order fore the script to be working erickho123
  11. suc6 met verkoop ik ga binne kort keer uit proberen:). what kind of profit ahour this would be?
  12. can i have my  3.5m  back scammer

  13. patoon17

    Is it worth it to buy this bot?

    yes i recommend you buying it richt now