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  1. patoon17


    ahhaha nice men wil defenaly puth vote out since the added the grand exchange the economie got realy hurt is my feeling
  2. welcome back i rember running your green dragon script
  3. its possibel fore them to know it even when you use proxies
  4. after changing ip adres i am getting this messag and al my bots stoped client not working need it to restart
  5. 30m i have hand hirring service here fore 3 years with some feedback
  6. you stil need to make dispute agens me og sticks have al evidence ready littel scammer
  7. you are a scammer il make sure not more peopel wel lose money you
  8. happy fore you bro you scammed me i added your discord and we agreed on price then i payed you and you removed me i am trying to hire hand skiller here fore years never ever scammed sombody i alwys run in to guys like you my chat history in here proof that you jsut try to fool the peopel buy send in differend messages you discord not gone respond here any more this jsut realy retarded this stuf happend alot to me since i try to hire hand skillers (not scam them) and yohojo knows i am not fooling around here scamming cunt
  9. you are sad guy btw these guys are real scammers lol
  10. i am 100% he scamed me i am not giving any proof out since dont wanna expose my orders etc in my histoery here i am have been ALWYS RICHt when i cal peopel scammers and yohojo knows that i do honest busniss here not like these fake guys lel
  11. i belevie its possibel not sure sombody told me long time ago
  12. the reason is that your acount 1 mond old and you have now website ore feed back ore anything scammer i am fore 6 years on this site and hiring skiller from 2016 LOL
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