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  1. Runescape has updated. Be patient
  2. What's the quickest way of getting 66 magic on lots of accounts? Teleporting and alching the best way?
  3. Using the trial currently. Can't get the script to start. It stops and says "FINISH MSG: You must have a ring of recoil or suffering as your ring". Even though I have a ring of recoil in the ring slot. Any help? Thanks
  4. Is'nt working for me. The script just opens bank, takes two lobsters out, eats them and then repeats. Just keeps eating
  5. Also having many issues with the script like other posters. I would like a refund. Thanks
  6. Anyone else have an issue with it double eating? Even if I'm at 80% health, it will still eat 2 lobsters.
  7. It's working well apart from how slow it is. Once I've killed a dragon, it takes 10-15 seconds to pick up the loot. Why does it take so long? It is also really slow at eating and sometimes it won't eat. I need to babysit it. Thanks for the script!
  8. Script is working well apart from when it tries to reset the aggression. I'm currently using it on Waterbirth Island at the East spot, where theres two crabs together. It will often have the red marker on runecsape on the minimap placed, but it won't walk south to reset the aggro. It will stay like this until I manually walk.
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