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  1. will we be reimbursed for the couple days of vip we are missing out on then ?
  2. @Lulwut where do i find that ?
  3. I Cant run any script at the moment, when i run a script it just keep on spamming the log down at the bottom allot and does nothing this happen to anyone else ?
  4. @Zainy i just payed for this and it stands still turn auto retaliate off changes brightness then does nothing , any help please ?
  5. @Aropupu hey i payed for the premium version so i can use the crafting guild bot but it just trys to bank in the bank chest there for a couple minutes each trip then runs the long way to falador to bank can u change it so it can climb under the wall each time its 1000 time faster ,
  6. @wussupwussup sup dude decent script but it trys to mine the upstairs and unreachable parts now i got 72 mining i can mine upstairs so can you update this please ???
  7. i keep on loosing my fishing rods due to the wirlpool random then it shuts down the bot apart from tha awesome script