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  1. Update, First chain ban. After 4 days of botting my farm got chain hit. This gave me a nice idea of how long bots last. Script used: TRI AIO F2P
  2. [/IMG] [/IMG] Anyone else love logging in and seeing wierd shit like this?
  3. So do they analyze bot data on mondays?
  4. Good point, should i bot overnight and kill it before working hours? 6/7AM london time
  5. Breaks seem to do the trick [/IMG]
  6. Logic. OT: Thread update, what do you guys think i should do next with that account?
  7. 3 GB RAM 200 GB HDD 500 GB Traffic 2 Cores - 3,9 GHz 1 IPv4 included 1 IPv6 included Thanks for the reply guys, Thread updated.
  8. This was not my name on other forums, well can't remember them anyways
  9. Welcome to my botting blog/log/progress thread. Here you can join me with my journey in botting/goldfarming. "Achievements": [X] Tribot VIP [X] VPS [X] Personal MM script P2P (Already got method) [X] Make money for bond [X] Personal MM script F2P (Stil need method) [X] Make back money from VIP Current questions/problems: 1. Tribot on VPS is really slow, and misclicks alot etc(Or is this the script) 2. When making my own scripts, how can i make it as undetected as possible? (No bugs, ABCL etc..) Bans: First chainban (using public script, TRI F2P AIO ) 12.4.2016 Got to around 50 and close to 60 str on my accounts. Images!
  10. My introduction kind of thing. I made scripts really long time ago pre-eoc days and early osrs days, and looking forward to work with TriBot too. It just used to be me making simple woodcutting scripts etc just to learn, but this time im going to come back a bit more serious. I'm going to start up a small goldfarm, and code scripts for myself and possibly the community.
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