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  1. @Worthy Perhaps I'm exaggerating a bit, though it's still quite a wait time. Indefinitely it's still going to speed up the kills if it would pick up the items faster or if there was an option to toggle it on. Cause when I'm babysitting it, it waits like 5-10 seconds to pick up items at times. Othertimes it's instantly. Also, if theres no backspace for yet it's stackable (Zulrah scales) it eats a food to get inventory space for it, even though it already has a stack in the inv.
  2. So far so good. Initially I've tried a few setups with gears. Both fully maxed mage and fully maxed range. Seems pretty good to me. The only downside / issue I have, is the 10-15seconds it's taking it to loot. I reckon with the downtime after looting and getting back, it would be able to do 3-4 kills more an hour. And it's already doing 18 kills pr hour. That's my only comment on the script that I think is needed a change. Otherwise I absolutely love this script, I'm definitely going to buy it again in 14 days. Thanks @Worthy
  3. And when that is said, it's done. Thanks.
  4. @Yohojo I've "accidently" bought it twice though. Is this something that can be reverted? Or can it be upgraded?
  5. I can see now that I have my VIP badge. But it wasnt there pre-post.
  6. ObeyTheMight

    VIP Sub.

    Hello, I've tried to get my VIP for 2 days now. I've bought VIP two times with points, but I have yet to recieve my VIP badge. I was wondering, hence I bought VIP Twice, and the second was a check if I would get it then, if it a) could be refunded one of them? or b ) upgrade to VIP-E? Best,
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