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  1. Would most definitely pay for a Premium Herb script.
  2. As far as keeping IP addresses separate are there any extra steps that should be taken other than just creating accounts on a browser using the same proxy as I use on Tribot to play them on? For instance, if I log into rs on my main account using my home IP address does this link/flag all my other proxy IP addresses in use on the same computer?
  3. In the initial phases of farm creation and I have probably about 6,900 questions but I've narrowed down to a couple of KEY questions I have. I feel this could benefit the community and not just myself, so if you feel you have some knowledge to share on any of these subjects please respond or message me! 1: What is a safe way to create accounts without having them flagged? I'm under the assumption that using a proxy on a browser and logging on to the game client via the same proxy is a safe method. 2: If you log into the tribot client using your home IP address, will this flag any other accounts (assuming you I haven't logged into the game with those accounts on my home IP, I've only logged in on proxies with those accounts)? 3: I read the intro on Looking-Glass and it was a bit confusing for me so I'm initially deterred from using it. >Is Looking Glass worth the time of getting accustomed to it? Do you have any personal experiences as far as ban rates using it vs not using it?< 4: What are some obvious DON'T DO's in botting/farming? I'm not talking about not botting 24/7 or playing 25 bots on one IP. I'm more talking about less obvious, maybe even simple but crucial to success tips/tricks. Would appreciate any and all feedback, thanks!
  4. I'm having a similar issue. When I doubleclick the tribot .jar file the loader comes up. From there I uncheck "old school" because I'm trying to load RS3 and the RS3 client wont load. Oldschool works just fine though. Any ideas?