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  1. yeah as you said there is just 1 number difference in the ip. ill add you to my bookmarks and when my subscription runs out ill try yours
  2. those proxies are super expensive so i dont think thats feasable until i start earning some gold.
  3. Thanks for the replys, they are getting banned when building some basic combat stats using tri fiighter which is abcl 10 and i put them on with 2 hour playtime and 45min breaks with a little bit of randomness but everytime i get home from work they are banned at chickens so far.
  4. I purchased 8 premium private proxies from virmach but within 2.5 days all of those accounts were banned which means the ips are compromised? anyway virmach only replace 3 ips unfortunately so i was wondering what you guys do when this happens? do you just create new accounts and keep botting on those ips or something else ?
  5. Hi Guys i have a few questions. 1. Is leeching with level 30 smithing still profitable 250k+? - 2. As a leacher its best to make steel bars? 3. to make a steel bar i just need 2x coal and 1x iron and nothing else in bag ? i worked out that it would cost like 6.5m to get 12 hours worth of materials... is this right? and i dont think the profit would be much after that but maybe im not seeing something correctly
  6. I purchased 8 proxies from virmach and within 3 hours of using a free combat script with ABC/L 10 they was all banned so now i am just waiting for the maintenance to finish to request new proxies and i have just purchased tri fighter for $10 so ill give it another try.
  7. Just to clarify. can this bot change locations without me interacting with it? e.g. level 1-11 hunt cows level 11-30 hunt xxx and so on
  8. does the client have proxy function to allow us to input our own premium proxies or do we need to download a program? if so which program works well that will accept premium proxie ip's not used by anybody else.