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  1. Love the guide, very detailed. I have one problem tho, when I right click the proxy and click "check selected" instead of status field rolling to "ok" It says "connection timed out". I assume there is something wrong with proxy? Please help this is the second proxy I have bought on Virmach both of them are timed out, whenever I try to login Tribot using them proxies I get an error message saying could not connect to specified proxy. Really appreciate some help, thanks
  2. When I try to login the client using my sock5 proxy I get a message saying "could not connect to specified proxy" some help would be kindly appreciated
  3. same problem, only difference is I got my proxy from virmach.com. Was wondering if you got it sorted?
  4. sorry I'm not sure what you mean BYmy own server or vps I haven't bought any VPS server I just enter the proxies details IP, username, password, root into the manager and try open the client using that proxy, I do everything following Todd's guide. I will check out your guide and see if I can get it working.
  5. I bought a sock5 proxy from Virmach, whenever I enter the details on proxy manager and try to login in the client using the proxy "could not connect to specified proxy" message pops up
  6. I have the exact same issue