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  1. There's alot of misconceptions on the profit/hr siggys in relation to how long the script has been running and if you restarted. If you take an account an give it a fresh gp stack and let's say a list that will is expected to make atleast 1% margin, now the bot only profits when the item is sold okay? So when you start the script with a fresh stack of cash it'll put only in for buy offers and then wait to get them then calculates an expected margin on whatever it bought and then displays the profit/hr. Well that profit/hr isn't solid until items are sold, that's why it gives a sporadic 500k+/hr profits when it starts to buy items and then depending on what kind of volume the traded items are and their prices can influence a crazy profit/hr. So now relating to your situation in stating the bot makes better profit/hr by restarting it every 4hrs is mostly just speculation. If you restart the script and the bot still has items and no only a cash stack, it'll take those items and put them in the ge and once again depending on volume/amount traded and price of said item, it'll just give another sporadic profit/hr. Take this gold nugget of information from me to save yourself time of restarting the bot every 4hours, because unless you update the list you are using, or the bot isn't performing as it's supposed to, then you are realistically making no more actual profit/hr than just letting it go. Take it from me, i have the experience of using several dozens accounts and flipping over 400+ items at any given time of day gives some very insightful knowledge while cross referencing performance among accounts.
  2. It's just an old script ya know? Seems as if many of the scripters are busy finishing up school for the semester so hopefully this summer we will see some big updates. I like the script it's just it can have a polish over.
  3. My review on this script would be that it is below even a subpar standard. I started a farm of 21 accounts, all accounts have a whitelisted proxy, 18 out of 21 banned within 5~ hours. I'm not exactly upset at it's standard with 90% of scripts on Tribot nowadays since they only get yearly updates lmfao/
  4. I'm curious as to what the market price of a decent list was priced at. Many variables to pricing a list though that is for sure.
  5. Be real pixels, the business model of taco's is horrible lmfao. Either way, still enjoying the script with it's countless issues but doesn't make it impossible to manage.
  6. @justpixels I know it's a simple line change to have the destination load elsewhere, that would make my life so much more efficient, ill pay just to have this shit changed.
  7. On roughly 40 accounts profits are down surely this weekend than last. Also does anyone know if i can have the item lists load from a different location than the folder they are currently located in? Same files, just different folder destination
  8. The numbers don't lie obviously, what you are saying is true. What is wrong though is that in this instance with this script it is not necessarily so. People have claimed to make more cash with less of a stack and that is obviously the case for many folks here, that just leads obviously to a bad list in most cases but not always. I could go into discussion of this but i'd prefer not to. I respect your time taken for a good response :), I just prefer to keep any information that i see valuable regarding "merching" private.
  9. Correction, your bottom statement is far from the truth, i am too stoned for this shit right now.
  10. rq177

    Gaining motivation to keep accounts rolling?

    Also if you are ahead of the game on your botfarm and have resources to ensure you farms survival after such things like bans, you'll be alot more golden.
  11. rq177

    Gaining motivation to keep accounts rolling?

    I don't let people shit on my ideas. I understand that what you are going through, i have suffered from it and same as my partners. I feel as if being proactive in this business is definitely helpful, don't solely focus on just your botfarm and stress yourself out. Manage priorities and do what you can within your means.
  12. Let me chime in on this discussion of profits versus investment. First off most of what is being said is funny, the numbers and figures used to base profit margins and estimating potential profits is odd. Sadly the tips and tricks i have figured out about this bot are surely invaluable to me but i want alot of you to know that the way you are going about calculating and figuring out how to make money with this script is surely wrong. I don't look for %'s or gp/hr, i simply look for "how much can i invest and at what point will it double", then give myself realistic numbers, and scale from there. There is so much to flipping/merching and now you are doing it with a bot, you guys need to test random shit i am being dead serious, you'll learn some amazing things. I have the unlimited auths, my overhead per month is higher than many folks rent. Experiment with the script.