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  1. Are recharged glories the best way to get out of abyss? I mean on an account without 47 construction (mounted glory).
  2. Haha, nice script man! I will try this sooner or later. Inb4 best money making method.
  3. Does not click on the air altar. Using tiara + rune essences.
  4. Just run a script normally. It'll activate automatically if you're VIP extended I think. If you want to check that you've enabled it, then follow this: File > Settings > Human Mouse
  5. i would buy this but the posts here have too much negatives for a premium script :/
  6. If there's a king of trolling-bots then this is probably the one.
  7. Still seems like a tedious process. I hope they implement a feature where multiple clients + scripts gets running with a single click.
  8. How do I enable both? I've been trying to run the client starter along with script queue without any luck whatsoever. This system just seems horrendous compared to other clients I've been using, where you can start up multiple clients + scripts from the bat.file. Anyways, I need help! I have added accounts to the account manager, but I still don't get why I have to type the names again in the client starter. It's faster to do 50 accounts manually than to use this system imo. Now I'm done with my rant, so could anyone please help me?
  9. very helpful thread but i was wondering where i could find the saved screenshots?
  10. hey, ive been trying to bot for some mins now and cant seem to open tribot. i click on it and the login interface shows up. but when i try to login it just loads and shows : "loading complete. tribot is starting" and it just disappears and nothing happens :/
  11. sold 3,25m from osrs to these guys, went fast and smoothly. very trustable. big thumbs up for this:)
  12. bro u got it all going wrong....jack3d micro is a complete waste of ur irl gp lol... but srsly i had to take like 4 scoops to even feel anything special. Craze is really good, but jack3d is the way to go, unless ur afraid of DMAA:) but craze is pretty safe tho
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