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  1. https://gyazo.com/3f3e6b73285bedefe4614bafdcecf976 can't get this to stop happening
  2. https://gyazo.com/b1a58ed2a41ac046db619036158cb6cf earlier today it was had to many instances ( only had one client open) and now this, i cant even select a script.
  3. Operating System:Windows 10 Java Version:1.8.0_131 Issue I'm Having: Flickering causing the client to be forced in front of the gui, not allowing input into gui What Script I'm trying to use:
  4. just saying, my account had a prev ban, with fishing but used zulrah slayer on it. got another ban. but luckily it was quashed somehow. now im using zulrah helper. havent had any issues also used zulrah slayer for 14 hours made 27m got banned have used zulrah helper for 21 hours and made 20m, so obv bot is better than me. but not bans of yet
  5. you just have to wait for a staff member to check the disputes. you see how its empty and yours is the only one there. well that is because they actually do check them have you tried looking at past disputes and seeing the responding staff members, and then pm one? don't badger them it will get nothing done. you made your post on christmas, its the holidays
  6. would you mind making me a gif or video of your set up screen and pm it, ill try to see if i can help
  7. could just be no one is buying/selling atm sometimes i wait 15 minutes to sell an item i'd try something that may flip fast to see if its the script or the item
  8. yeah you just have to be smart with what you bot, and how you bot
  9. sweet man take your time! hopefully going to use your script to get 90 construction without bans
  10. bmitch5150

    LG issue

    So tribot connnects to osb no problem, the problem is the script i'm using logs in and out a lot. it'll log out and not end up logging me back in. The script will be stuck as Logging in. and once I click the log in button on osrs. the bot will take control again
  11. shit happens guys, reformat your computer if you have too, but I never had a problem with this script its the first 99 I got also
  12. yeah thats what happened to me, I moved locations, started botting and they thought it got hacked.
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