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Everything posted by bmitch5150

  1. What title says
  2. So tribot connnects to osb no problem, the problem is the script i'm using logs in and out a lot. it'll log out and not end up logging me back in. The script will be stuck as Logging in. and once I click the log in button on osrs. the bot will take control again
  3. shit happens guys, reformat your computer if you have too, but I never had a problem with this script its the first 99 I got also
  4. yeah thats what happened to me, I moved locations, started botting and they thought it got hacked.
  5. I was botting my main got banned, tried to log in two months later and found out this happened http://imgur.com/kL8lvwt
  6. randomly
  7. No problem! enjoy.
  8. did you accept the terms and agreements on the page?
  9. let me know if it works
  10. i got you boo boo go to Java SE Development Kit 8u112 accept it. then look for Windows x86 188.99 MB jdk-8u112-windows-i586.exe
  11. have it set up as buying X amount of herbs, then X amount of other stuff It buys the first batch, and then the 41 snape grass, it bought but doesnt collect also tries to bank on the exchange instead of the banker also skips selling ranarrs
  12. This script is just an overlay, it is not supposed to be meant with LG as it does not interact with the game. TRiLeZ has stated the client is undetectable, and the script does not interact with the game, so there is no chance of a ban, thus LG is not plausible to use. you could use LG but it isnt really needed
  13. 3705601809 My id: 32098 Bought a credit still haven't received it
  14. waterfall barely works. teleports to barb area and just stands there? walked to next area and start quest on my own. started it at talk to hudson and won't even board raft.. like seriously?
  15. you might as well be running a bot farm with how many get banned now a days
  16. why did tribot have to take all my bit coin D: why tribot whyyyy /s kid you have a rat on your computer, been using tribot for quite awhile with no issues
  17. you have an option to change java when login is open make sure its on 1.8.0_25
  18. All you need to know about time warner right here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6G-wNyIxzM look at .25 seconds
  19. alright! i just let it finished that part and when it went to return for reward it failed to open jail door ive done cook assistance & dorics no problem
  20. Ive been debating between the 3 aio scripts and all recently seem they are kinda out of date..? has anyone had experience with any of em
  21. Whens the last time you tried it? Yea i've read each of theres and it seems like every single one of them has sometype of issue, so I was just trying to see what has the least amount all three scripters seem pretty inactive
  22. I got mine with aagility awesome scripts from both users though. the capeis just sooo nice looking
  23. Usually youll train with dragon long or whip and train all three combats. i'd start around 60-60-60 and rune legs and chain with addy helm goes nicely and just lobs
  24. Tribot isnt safe... lol I've bought about 12+ premium scripts and not once have I been hacked. I even have encoded fisher and still have not been hacked. You guys just think your doing everything to be safe. Can I ask what virus protection your using?