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  1. Hey everyone, I'm new here... duh... I always feel awkward if I post in the forums without making one of these threads. So, here I am. I'm 26, have an undergrad degree in comp sci, and I enjoy hanging around botting forums. I love Pink Floyd. I love good movies too.. My programming skills aren't amazing, but I can usually figure out a way to do what I need. However, I'm extremely new to game botting.
  2. I found this forum through an accidental Google search. I've been interested in botting for years now, but I've never gotten into game botting. Most of my botting experience has been automation of tasks I don't want to do as well as botting contests or sweepstakes... I've also botted Reddit to scrape some pictures and auto post on my Tumblr, and other stuff like that. Actually, I guess I lied about game botting... my botting experience started during the days of Microsoft's Club Live. I used a script (CLDL.. maybe some old guys on here remembers it) from CN to auto play the word games. I got a ton of free prizes. Anyways, sorry for the long exposition. I'm trying to decide if its worth getting familiar with the game botting niche / taking it up. I'm assuming most of you guys don't just bot for your personal accounts... you bot to turn a profit, right? How profitable is it?