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  1. Well thanks for the responses
  2. Hi, I currently can't test this myself so I thought I'd just ask. This method: "public static RSGEOffer[] getOffers()" (under org.tribot.api2007 -> GrandExchange) has this description: "Gets an array of grand exchange offers, both empty and existing." Does anyone know if it returns the grand exchange offers even though you haven't opened up the grand exchange selection window? If so, would it work anywhere in the world? Thanks for any responses
  3. My own script, Why does the rest matter in this situation? I'll probably make a mule, but most likely a few Thanks for the long and detailed response I'll probably go with the "transfer the money through like 2 different accounts, AND THEN through a friend" but I have access to a few IPs which I haven't used for runescape so making a new account there would be a viable alternative to the friend right? (since I don't really know anyone on runescape, just started again after a long break) Also, if you're still keen on helping others I'd definitely like some advice. I don't have Teamspeak/Discord but I could just download them if you're still up for sharing! Thanks all for your responses!
  4. Yes I am, just my home IP Would I have to train the mule? Just thinking it might be odd trading hundreds of mills to a level 3 That sounds like the most comfortable way. I'm a bit more paranoid though since one of my bots was banned and I thought they might track the gold. Thanks all for the response
  5. Hello, I'm pretty new to botting (been doing it for around 4 months I think) and I just got banned for the first time. I panicked a bit since only one of my bots got banned and I don't want to lose the money on the other ones! My question to you is this: Should I begin transferring money from the other ones and if so how? My initial reaction was to trade them directly to my main (which is still pretty low level, below 60) but I thought it would be a better idea to ask here first. Thanks!
  6. The Tribot client suddenly wants to connect to The reason I say suddenly is because I'm only using my very own local scripts and it has never asked me before (while using my own local scripts) to connect to something else. Anyone know why it might be doing that? Is this a known IP address? Should I ignore it? Or not? Thanks for any answers
  7. I traded my bot all the required items thinking it would use them but it banked them and then continued, gathering everything on its own. Am I missing something or will it always gather the materials itself? Btw thanks for this, really loving not doing this by hand! Great script
  8. No problem. Btw I'm new here so I'd like to ask: is this too minor of an "error" to report?
  9. The find(String names) method says it takes IDs and returns based on that when it actually takes names. I know it's kind of obvious when you look at it but it can be confusing nonetheless. The method is here: https://tribot.org/doc/org/tribot/api2007/NPCs.html
  10. thanks a lot I went with the first approach
  11. If you have multiple local scripts do they all have to be in the scripts package or can you move them somewhere else once they're "finished"? I tried to move them to a different package still inside the src folder but the client doesn't see it. I want to do this because it's pretty uncomfortable to be working on scripts with unrelated classes in the same package. Any advice appreciated Thanks!
  12. It often gets stuck when trying to make its own fire if it's already standing on one. So instead of either moving to a different tile or using the fire that it's already standing on it keeps on clicking the tinderbox and then the log, in an endless loop until the fire under it goes out. Otherwise the script has worked out great, thanks
  13. Really love this script! thanks for making it
  14. Thanks, I'll check out batch programming.
  15. Is it possible start another applet or client using a script and either controlling both the original applet/client and the new one with the original script or starting a new script to control the second applet/client? (so basically running two bots using the same script or starting a second script (under some condition) to control the second bot) If so, what package of the api should I be looking at? I've been searching both the api and the forums but didn't find anything. Thanks