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  1. Is there a way to do that? I searched through the api but didn't find anything in the few classes where I thought it might make sense. Thanks
  2. Like the new GUI. Didn't notice this update so my bot just kept on running into the night. Really loving the search feature in the item list, makes a huge difference An idea for a stop condition that I would like: stop at a certain time (with some variance chosen by the user). I would usually want my bot to run until a certain time, not for a certain time.
  3. Thanks for the responses, I'll do that.
  4. TL;DR: How do the randomness and offset parameters in the Clickable07.click method (https://tribot.org/doc/org/tribot/api/interfaces/Clickable07.html#click-java.util.function.Predicate-java.awt.Point-java.awt.Point-) work and is it the correct method to use? I'm having trouble understanding the Clickable07.click(Predicate<RSMenuNode> filter, Point randomness, Point offset) method. (https://tribot.org/doc/org/tribot/api/interfaces/Clickable07.html#click-java.util.function.Predicate-java.awt.Point-java.awt.Point-) Specifically I don't understand the the randomness and offset parameters. 1. In the description for randomness it says from 0 to p.x/y - I'm guessing p is the randomness parameter, is that correct? 2. From 0 - is it mouse position (0,0) or is it (0,0) in the possible coordinates that the mouse could click while still hitting the target? 3. What happens if the offset is higher than the max value for x or y? 4. Does the offset affect both x and y? 5. Can high randomness cause you to click a point that's outside the target you're trying to hit, or is it still bound to some min/max x and y? 6. If there is a min/max x and y value for this particular target, is there some way get those values? So that you can maybe input reasonable randomness and offset values based on them. Parameters: filter - The menu node accepted by this filter will be clicked. randomness - Additional randomness (from 0 to p.x/y) to add to the point clicking. Use 'null' for no randomness. offset - An offset to add to the point clicking. Use 'null' for no offset. Should I be thinking about these parameters at all or is the base Clickable07.click(Predicate<RSMenuNode> filter) enough? So far I've been using the Mouse.clickBox(Rectangle box, int button) since it's pretty straightforward how it works, is that a viable alternative? I've seen somewhere on these forums people saying that you should always be using the Clicking class or the Clickable interface methods. I know these are a lot of questions. Thank you for reading this and I appreciate any responses.
  5. Interesting that you've had such different experiences with it. I'm gonna stay on the safe side and try it around 10.
  6. When viewing the item list it would be nice to get a search feature. Currently it gets tedious to edit multiple items if you have a large list of items. I apologize if it is annoying that I'm constantly asking for new features. I am very happy with the script and will continue to use it even if these features are not added, they are only ideas that I think would improve the user experience.
  7. Does raising the client paint delay or disabling graphics have any effect on the bot running correctly? I'm guessing the client has access to all the data necessary without me seeing it, right? Thanks for any responses.
  8. I have an idea for a feature that I would personally find useful, and maybe others. In the statistic files that gets created after each session also have information on how long an item had pending buy orders that ended up not getting filled. Seeing how much you profited/lost on an item is useful but this way you would also be able to see how much time got wasted on items that ended up never being bought. It would give the user a clearer picture of which items are being useful and which ones need to be trimmed from their item list.
  9. While using a stop condition combined with going into sell-only mode when that stop condition is reached the bot waits for all the items to finish selling. It would be nice to have an option to make it log out and stop the script after putting the items on sale (or waiting for some maximum amount of time that the user could choose). I realize this would probably mess with the calculated profits for that session and that the items might not end up selling for that price. I just noticed that one of my bots had been waiting for 1.5 hours and I think that would be abnormal for a human. If you can find a solution that makes sense it would be appreciated. Thanks again for the script, has been a joy to use.
  10. Got banned after two 6 hour sessions. Will be trying again with different settings. I was using the mini-break and random afk. Can anyone share approximately what settings they use there? I turned off the random right click and random move camera (did not think it made sense since the GE is open the whole time) but it kept on doing it from time to time. Is this something that cannot be shut off? Thank you for this script.
  11. Hi, I currently can't test this myself so I thought I'd just ask. This method: "public static RSGEOffer[] getOffers()" (under org.tribot.api2007 -> GrandExchange) has this description: "Gets an array of grand exchange offers, both empty and existing." Does anyone know if it returns the grand exchange offers even though you haven't opened up the grand exchange selection window? If so, would it work anywhere in the world? Thanks for any responses
  12. My own script, Why does the rest matter in this situation? I'll probably make a mule, but most likely a few Thanks for the long and detailed response I'll probably go with the "transfer the money through like 2 different accounts, AND THEN through a friend" but I have access to a few IPs which I haven't used for runescape so making a new account there would be a viable alternative to the friend right? (since I don't really know anyone on runescape, just started again after a long break) Also, if you're still keen on helping others I'd definitely like some advice. I don't have Teamspeak/Discord but I could just download them if you're still up for sharing! Thanks all for your responses!
  13. Yes I am, just my home IP Would I have to train the mule? Just thinking it might be odd trading hundreds of mills to a level 3 That sounds like the most comfortable way. I'm a bit more paranoid though since one of my bots was banned and I thought they might track the gold. Thanks all for the response
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