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  1. Request: I need a pretty simple script made, I'll share the details of the script with trusted scripters via Skype. I'll be running the script on suicide bots so anti-ban won't be needed to be incorporated into the script.Description: Add via Skype for Details (Gonzo_Logics)Payment Amount: Negotiable.Time: The sooner you can get this done the more I am willing to pay
  2. I'm not sure which one of you it was that added my skype, added me to a random group chat with your "partner" and started bragging about how you're both "making so much". You then proceeded to try and sell me your private script. I deleted you, left the conversation and then my Skype was filled with your constant spam until I blocked you. Considering the fact that I only had three people add me and I'm speaking to two of them currently I'm going to go ahead and assume one of you is the scumbag that added me and the other is the "partner". Good luck selling your "awesome" private script though, maybe someone else will fall for it.
  3. Hey, I'm looking for someone to help me out with small questions here and there? I don't mind paying a bit for the advice. Please add me on Skype if you don't mind helping 'Gonzo_Logics'.
  4. Same, kind of sucks because I want to test this trial..
  5. @Montreal I got it handled, I was on a proxy. I got off it and it all went smoothly.
  6. I've tried paying with Stripe/Verified PayPal and I keep getting an error that says my transaction seems fraudulent? It seems like this is on the TriBot side rather than Stripe and PayPal. Help?