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  1. XeroXero's Private Proxy Service General Information: I am looking to sell more affordable options in terms of proxy servers especially tuned for osrs bots. As a newer user to the forums, I thought in order to build my reputation and credibility I should offer an affordable, friendly and quick service to satisfy everyone's proxy needs. I've tested and am currently using my own proxies for my own botting endeavors, which to me seems no different from other services I've purchased in the past. As I believe in an ideal user experience, I want clients to be able to pay in ANY way they possibly can in order to acquire their needed proxies, such that I will be constantly expanding ways my clients can pay for the service. Proxy Features: Currently accepting payments in Paypal and OSRS. If there are any questions, please notify me, I'll happily answer.
  2. this user bought a proxy, he went first.

  3. Hi all, I was wondering whether or not someone could create a thread and/or signature for my proxy service. I'm not looking to spend money, but will provide information/share a proxy with anyone looking to do this task. I'm not expecting experienced people to accomplish this task, this will be an opportunity for someone to sharpen their skills with a real project that will impact people . Of course, you will be credited with your work on the thread and my signature and you can put your name (small) in the signature or thread too stating that you're the creator. Please add me on skype or message me on the forums if anyone is interested.
  4. I'm not looking for anything amazing. I was looking to provide an opportunity for some people to have their work be used such that they have the opportunity to showcase their work with an example being used for someone's services. I think Sk1llz did a great job and is definitely past what I expected despite the lack of monetary exchange for said product.
  5. More should be ready by the end of the day today, add me on skype so I can keep you posted
  6. Recently, there's been a thing where Jagex thinks your "account is stolen" when you make your account on a separate IP address than that of the one you're using for client. You can use proxifier to use the socks5 address you have to create the account and then use the tribot client fine. And side note, every website logs your IP every time you connect.
  7. There are lots of sellers of proxies on the website (including myself). Ones you'd most likely be looking for is SOCKS5 Private Proxies hosted on Port 1080. How much you're looking to spend is up to you, personally I sell them at $2, but some sell up to $5, it depends what features you want. If you'd like to discuss more about proxy options, feel free to add me on skype as I will gladly help you out in terms of what you're looking for.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to create a local script; however, I can't start the script in my client. In eclipse, I export the java project as a archive file, save it as a zip, then extract the class and place it into the scripts folder in .tribot. After this, I press "start script" on the client, but the script doesn't show at all. What could I possibly do to fix this? (I already reinstalled client). EDIT: Looked into it a bit further, get the error "Error Loading Script: path!" EDIT:EDIT: Previous edit was due to a jar in the folder, nevertheless, with the folder having only .class files, the client does not detect them.
  9. This is also inclusive to random local scripts I found on the site. I'll be trying this on my laptop today to compare.
  10. I currently sell proxies at a cheap rate, if you're interested add me on skype.
  11. If you are using a proxy, perhaps that is cutting out? Also, optionally, could you put your account in the account manager and have it login when it logs out? Rereading your posts to interpret your issue better, have you checked the bot panel to see which scripts and clients are open and running? I haven't looked fully into the features regarding the bot control panel, but I could only assume that you can stop a script (perhaps this nmz script that's been "running") in that panel. Other than that I really don't have any more suggestions with the current information given sorry!
  12. Hi, I'm getting the following error: How do I fix this? [00:12:56] Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: https://rsbuddy.com/exchange/names.json [00:14:07] Failed to parse item name: 2
  13. How many would you like to buy:1 Skype:xero.xeros Do you agree to the ToS:yes