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  1. Thank you so much for the input. I wanted to ask how I should go about botting and playing legit. Is it fine to bot on the VPS and then play legit on my personal pc? When I play from the VPS there is some lagging because I am accessing it through a VPS and wanted some smoother play for questing and other things. Also my siblings (who live with me) are wanting to do the same thing as I am because of old rs nostalgia lol so any input would be appreciated (or should I make a new thread regarding this topic).
  2. Well I am open to be messaged privately and I didn't intend to post this so they would see it either and no that's not my name.
  3. Hello everyone, I am a new user here on TriBot and wanted some advice. I've been on/off RS3 since EOC and recently made a brand new account for OSRS because I just want to only play that and was turned off by the idea of starting over. My goal is to make a "main account" and not gold farm or sell any money just to level up my stats and make enough money off of that for just sustaining my account. I used a premium fighter script and I am so far doing good, but realized I need to start leveling up my other stats and generate gold for my account. I wanted some advice on the best scripts for leveling up my non-combat skills and making money in the game without being caught and banned quickly. I am following all precautions and not suicide botting and botting just 4-6 hours a day.