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  1. Hi im currently botting , i want to loot noted raw sharks only but it keeps picking up unnoted as well is there a way around this? i dont have inventory spaces when it comes to non noted raw sharks and it keeps clicking trying to loot the item
  2. it seems to like mis click in running or something, i have get the gui correctly..
  3. i have the same issue as jtk94, my gear is ahrims top bottom, serpentine helm occult neklace, roxic blow pipe black d hide im 99 in all stats
  4. my main issue is that it will kill her like two times then it dies, i set it up at 65percent to eat it either gets hit really high and dies or it will run out of food, i ended up selling my items to kill her cause i was frustrated, what gear works best.. it doesnt kill her flawlessly it struggles
  5. now runs to port tyras almost to the boat and stops and starts right clicking.......................
  6. i keep dying it probably has killed it 3 times died 10..
  7. Hey, im using full range and mage void, rune c bow with broad bolts and trident of seas inventory: i have two recoils 1 pray pot (4) Range pot(4) and venom 4, 4 cooked kwam and the rest sharks aswell as the c teletab and 3.2k coins i have watched the bot die 3 times what can i fix
  8. mine keeps teleing back to camelot then goes back then repeats can someone show mee a gui example
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