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  1. WAs a client issue not the script! Thanks for the detailed response though, Ive successfully gotten 80-96 construction in the past 3 weeks! keep killing it man thanks again Update 99 Construction no problem
  2. When i set it up to make black dragon hide bodies it takes out the needle and thread but when it comes to the black dragon leather pauses and closes the bank screen then immediately logs out? Whats going on
  3. start it to make adamant darts and it doesn't do a thing just immediately ends script. Whats going on?
  4. The xp tracker and timer etc, is gone and won't let me click within the screen when script is on?
  5. Bro I still can't get this thing to work and its been 2 months, thought maybe it was a bug or something but the script legitimately doesn't do a single thing, hasn't picked a single npc's pocket or stole from any stall. It sits there with the mouse hovering doing nothing, or its runs to the bank and continually unloads inventory even when theres nothing to unload. Screams bot, be careful everyone.
  6. I purchased the script for 30 days and after 15 it doesnt work now...
  7. I start the bot, in varrock to do tea stall. It sits at the bank and tries to deposit when theres nothing in the inventory over, and over. Sorry I'm new to the forums. UPDATE Then if i try to move my character to the stalls from the bank, the entire script ends out of nowhere. Not pressing stop or pause script it just ends.
  8. How come i can't get the bot to use glories instead of house teles?