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  1. He said I could ^.^
  2. Thanks, and yeah I used my m8's paypal as mine is at its yearly limit before I have to pay taxes here in the U.S. Also it was just a simple vid I threw together for some random people and figured if new botters / rwt need basic starting option.
  3. Hello I've had a few request on how to sell gold so here a video I made last night to show.
  4. They were 100's if you look lol Btw does tribot work good for botting? He posted another video as well
  5. I'm sure he had other accounts on the site as that one got banned, I've been trying to find them with no luck , but I found his zulrah guide it has 77k views and he had a clan there for a while.
  6. In some clips he was making well over $250 an hour ? I don't understand how that's not good I would kill to be able to do this right now , and if its easy can you teach me then?? Can Tribot be used?
  7. I was just strolling along as usual on my phone during my morning cup of coffee fell down my chin when I was watching this video where a kid is or was idk making $100 an hour off of botting barrows????