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  1. Okay @Mute what is your skype name? The link isn't launching the correct skype application so I have to add you manually instead.
  2. So I'm using the 2 hour trial to test this thing out, and it had a hard time walking to rock crabs. it got stuck a couple times trying to click the minimap. When it got to the rock crabs it hit one and is just standing in the same spot. It killed the crab and now is just sitting there, it still says it's attacking crab even though it isn't. What did I do wrong?
  3. @Usa hey man, the script doesn't enter a number of flax to spin. the path running and banking work great. It just will not enter how many flax to spin after clicking "make x" anyway you could fix it?
  4. This needs updated really badly.
  5. @Druid Whenever I try to use your script it simply uses the knife with the logs, clicks "make x" and then waits a minute and clicks the knife and the logs again. It repeats this process. I'm trying to cut oak shortbows using the cut only method.
  6. So the banking works on my other scripts just fine, but not on this script. @erickho123 Any chance we could get a fix? The script just sits there instead of banking, but the banking API is definitely updated and working. An update would be great, thank you.
  7. Which scripts are you using? I tried both Delta Cooker and ExRunecrafter
  8. Definitely isn't working for me, I just restarted the client and it updated. Yet banking still isn't working, at least not for the scripts I use.
  9. whitefox125

    Delta Cooker

    So it can't make wine, not only does it waste time by waiting for the wine too ferment before banking, it also stops making wine after a short time saying that you're out of food to cook even when you aren't. While cooking fish at rogues den it decides to switch tabs, which I assume is a part of ABC. however it doesn't ran back to inventory to continue cooking. It just spam clicks in the random tab that gets opened.
  10. I'm having trouble getting the dynamic signature thing, whenever i go to the link all i see on the website is "Invalid username" in white and I can't change anything or see anything else.
  11. This script is amazing. I got 44-72 runecrafting and crafted roughly 100k nats in 4 days using this. I am building another account for running nats as well. @erickho123 Am I able to purchase another lifetime auth on my same tribot account and use 2 windows of it in the same client or do I need to make a second tribot account to run 2 life time auths?
  12. @Starfox I can't run the script today. I start it and it downloads or whatever and then pops up and says "There was a problem updating your dynamic signature data" except dynamic is spelled incorrectly, it is spelled "dyanmic" in the message, and then the script ends.
  13. Hey @erickho123 Any chance you could add lava support for people without lunars? It isn't that expensive and is well worth the exp to use earth talismans with how cheap they are.
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