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  1. how much are u paying each pot i might make a few nmz accs n lvl them up to stake or boss n im sure there gonna have some points left over
  2. because if ur one the same ip u will get chain banned meaning all ur accs will get fked just by one getting caught
  3. you could there just suggesting that for extra precaution sicne i doubt ud want to lose ur main, i also suggest u have a mule u xfer the money too that doesnt bot, so then u can A. kill it with ur main or B just xfer to main i like idea A better
  4. that doesnt sound that bad thanks for ur help might buy the script in the upcoming days
  5. well id have a cooling period for the acc like train it n what not but do u happent to know the gp/hr on a lvl 30 smithing acc?
  6. I have a question how often would u suggest running this and is it worth it running a 30 smith acc?/ does it support paying the guy n what not?
  7. no its a script that collects an item and u get 3 times that item pretty easy to find out what it is but i wont reveal it
  8. those anyone have any specific stat requirements to do this bot/ or suggested stats?
  9. what bot are you using at the moment?
  10. i think this would be great if you can show people how to obtain a free vps