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    IT Specialist. Runescape player since 2001. Botting since 2002.
  1. do you have to finish the quest to do this ?
  2. true enough.. but its so got damn good!! its almost better than sex!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. lol can we talk about making the cap 80 or 90? today? itll be really helpful. please
  4. gonna be honest with you. a nigga was really in love with your script. but after hit 73 mage it wouldnt do anything. i went to osbot ans got a 48hr free trail and got banned. so now im about to make 5 accounts rush it to 66 and just use your account till 73 i guess.
  5. ima need you to go ahead and make this a prem.. bot is so fucking worth it... can it atleast be raised to 80? i feel like thats fair
  6. and BTW is there anyway you can lift the 72 magic cap? because as good as this script is im going to always wanna run it.. if it stays capped we'd all have to make more accounts to keep the Gp rolling in.. thanks
  7. sorry i forgot to mention that in edge sometimes itll get stuff by coffin trying to open trap door on the other side of the brick wall.. there isnt even a right click for it to be seen on the other side of the wall.. im not a scripter but is there away you can make it change the cam at that point so it sees the wall clearly?
  8. its fine i got 30.. first i wanna thank you this script is fucking bad ass. running one account right now and its doing really well.. my only issue with the bot is idk why but it will randomly stop it has only did it twice. and even tho my last glory (4) is on itll say its missing req and end its self... other than that issue everything is good right now.
  9. i set it up on an account i felt was best for the job.. but since it had 20 hp all it did was eat..
  10. tried out the bot.. it got stuck at the gate after it entered.. is there any way to fix this?
  11. My mode is Dharok absorb. Also my axe was at 100 when I tried this. It was the first time running it...