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  1. app

    thats gay af
  2. Its a simble bot that can afk with my method and does a few extra clicks on the map where i request. We will decide the price on skype. Thankyou asap contact me on skype: tuhgod
  3. Its free up to 10 clients at once which is enough, but some scripts take alot of testing done and running like 40 clients for 10 hours on a script would probably point out alot of bugs.
  4. I will run your scripts and save you some time with testing. Running 10 accounts with your script at 50 client paint delay for about 12 hours to look for any bugs, progress status and efficiency. All of it gets logged to see if your script matches the realistic standards. I run them on about 5 diffrent proxies (2 accounts per 1 proxy) I provide the accounts myself, and the service is free but if you want me to run above 10 (up to 50) accounts at once there will be a small payment. CURRENTLY ONLY TESTING F2P SCRIPTS P2P COMMING SOON Contact me on Skype: tuhgod
  5. Make it eat food aswell and the rest should be making you afk but not to logout, in a way where the script has minimum interraction with the client so maybe just make it press tab and enter every few minutes to avoid afk and add some food support and this will be the best afker
  6. Add skype: tuhgod
  7. Lmao ok. I actually run a bot farm myself so that question was not related to my service, i make my fresh level 3's legit for myself and for others if i make any extra.
  8. stop trolling so much pls
  9. Im looking for a scripter to help me make a easy script where the account picks an item and banks it. will pay directly and also make you a deal. skype: tuhgod
  10. contact skype: tuhgod 100% hand made, tut island service for fresh level 3's. 95k/ea if bought in bulk, trusted people can go first in the trade.
  11. ty but i already bought it off a scripter on here
  12. Im wondering how can i start one script on all accounts connected to the client?
  13. add my skype: tuhgod only scripters / people that are trusted